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10 Traits He Wants in a Girlfriend

by Jessica Padykula


According to Gloria MacDonald, founder of Perfect Partners, a personalized matchmaking service, men are subconsciously looking for three things: Beauty, health and youth. Yes, it sounds superficial and, it is. But MacDonald stresses that they just can’t help it. They’re wired this way. “The more you can do to look beautiful, healthy and youthful, the better your chances are,” she says.

So where does that leave us? Well, even if you aren’t giving Angelina or Cameron a run for their money in the perfect ten department, there are ways to boost your dateability and give him what he’s looking for.

1. Dress for your body type
Just because it looks good in the magazine or in the shop window, doesn’t mean it will suit you and your body. Whether you have a tiny waist and large hips, long torso and short legs or tend to be a bit round all over, there are things you should wear – and things you shouldn’t. The trick here is to go shopping with someone objective, someone who will be honest about what looks good on you. If all else fails, invest in a session with a personal shopper. They will save you from many fashion missteps and teach you what works best for your body type.

2. Highlight your best features (and downplay the less favorable ones)
Make-up isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dabble. There are simple ways to shine the spotlight on your best features and minimize the ones you don’t want him to focus on. Head to your local department store and ask them for a makeover. Yes, they will encourage you to buy things, but at the end of it, you’ll know how to show off your high cheekbones, while making the dark circles under your eyes disappear.

3. Take care of your skin
Many of us are not born with flawless skin. But even if dewy and glowing aren’t what stare back at your in the mirror, do what you can with what you have. Wash the make-up off before you hit the pillow, moisturize, wear sunscreen (always), and splurge on a session with an aesthetician so you can learn what products best suit your skin type.

4. Embrace the gym
Whether you’re trying to lose that last ten pounds or you just like that post-workout glow you get after your kickbox class, exercise is your friend, especially if you want to find – and keep a guy. It will keep you in shape, boost your confidence, tone you up in all the right places and just make you feel good.

5. Think positive
If you have a positive attitude, you have a better chance of attracting a date. “What goes on in your head is one of the most important things that can make you more dateable,” MacDonald says. The more positive you feel, the happier you will be and the more pleasant you’ll be to spend time with.

6. Know how to flirt
Flirting is all about creating a rapport and making a connection with someone, ideally, someone whom you’d like to get to know better. Not comfortable flirting? Practice wherever you go — the more you do it, the easier it will become.

7. Be a good listener
No one wants to date someone who makes them feel boring. You don’t have to jump up and down every time he opens his mouth, but pay attention to when he talks. “Be sincerely and genuinely interested in what the other person is saying,” explains MacDonald.

8. Have a hobby and interests
In order to have something to talk about and an identity outside that of your potential significant other, you need a life of your own. This could be a book club, pottery class or weekend mountain bike races. Regardless of the activity, do something for you, that you enjoy so you aren’t so wrapped up in him that you drive him insane.

9. Be a balanced conversationalist
Some people dominate the conversation, some people stay quiet. Others ask so many questions they make you feel like you’re under investigation by the FBI. Being a good conversationalist means having the right balance of talking, asking and listening.

10. Exude confidence
Obviously, confidence doesn’t grow on trees, and unless you count the liquid variety (i.e. vodka), it doesn’t come in a bottle either. But if you feel good about yourself, you will be more attractive to the opposite sex. The more confident you are, the less desperate you will appear. And we all know that desperation does not usually lead to a full dance card.

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Reader Comments:

79 Responses to “10 Traits He Wants in a Girlfriend”

  1. Mary says:

    Thank you!!! I needed sth like this.

  2. Steve says:

    I think #6 is worthless! Most guys don’t like a flirt! I know I don’t, especially if I am with her and she is flirting with someone else. Some girls just get in the habit and don’t know when to stop. The girl I just broke up with flirted constantly and claims she didn’t realize she was doing it. You don’t need to flirt to get someone’s attention…#10 is much better, exude confidence.

  3. Yeraldi says:

    Most of these qualities I already have but its good learn some things here and there! I liked this article.

  4. Russell says:

    Somebody must have read my girl’s secrets. She’s a 10.

  5. nish says:

    tnx., it’s very helpful!!!

  6. mayoo says:

    i like it alot, really its very useful. thnx

  7. Gabby says:

    i seriously think this whole article is garbage…these arent really “traits” he wants…these are “ways to attract more guys” kinda things….total garbage

  8. LAF says:

    I have personally struggled thru several of these things myself, & relationships suffered because of them. It is character building, not constant flirtation or being egotistic.

  9. Linda says:

    i liked it soo much and it has halp me in my relationship pick it up i like it

  10. Mark says:

    Men will know characteristics by quirk looks from flirting and lack flirting. Men still want to take a look of flirting, but some women thought a clever way to avoid but men will dump.

  11. SALLIEU JALLOH says:


  12. JaneRadriges says:

    Hi, very nice post. I have been wonder’n bout this issue,so thanks for posting

  13. TG says:

    #6 isnt worthless. Actually the flirting thing is when you are with your guy. Its not the girl flirting with someone else. My guy definitely like your flirting with him. Doing something for him that he never expect. Like kissing him when you were talking. It that case he will know you were flexible with him at feel at ease. Those are for with relationship. Practice flirting with your guy not practised it with someone else.

    #4 Im not sure. Well im a big fat girl and yet my bf wants me to stay that way. But I applied #1. I dress as what i feel i can be sexy eventhough i have a big body size. and I applied #2 that way I can still feel confident and still feel sexy when im with my guy.

  14. yvonne says:

    to me is okay and can make a relatioship last longer and tight

  15. Joyce says:

    what you give is really fatastic and i think it will help alot of people in their relationship

  16. Karen says:

    If you smile and present a positive attitude with confidence, thats a winning combination. Having a lifestyle that permits you to have interests outside of a relationship is also a fabulous key element. Men do not always notice the most attractive women in a room, but rather will seek out the one that emits confidence and happiness. Its the karma that you exude and a happy, confident woman is a winner! I know as I’ve found my man.

  17. lavda ka baal says:

    lavda jaisa tips hai………
    chutiya bana raha hai sala madarchod

  18. Sam says:

    I think most of this is bullshit. a girl shouldnt have to change themselves to attract more guys. they just need to be themselves, that way they can attract guys who like them for the way they are.

  19. mahi says:

    It was indeed a good help… Thanx

  20. Zoe says:

    This is stupid. If your on this sight you know its about LOVE. Love is about personality, you cannot fall in love with someones BODY. therefor- numbers 1-4 are useless.

  21. Jericha says:

    no, you cannot fall in love with somone’s body, but you have to be attracted to them before you fall in love. a nice body will never make someone love you, but it can’t hurt!

  22. jewels says:

    i can’t figure men out these days at all… so… u need to come up with 20 more please. thanks.

  23. Krystal says:

    Number 10 was the BEST tip in this article. So many people use alcohol, their friends and/or basically everything that replaces who they REALLy are as a way to attract others. And yet when things don’t work out, we always think back to the details throughout the relationship that went wrong. No, no most of the time, just looking back to how you both approached eachother in the beginning often tells the story of how the relationship/friendship will play out in the long/short run. No, don’t pretend to have confidence. Find that “inner” confidence in yourself that comes naturally, not from a bottle or from your over the top clothes, flirting and/or friends doing all the work for you. And if you can’t seem to find that natural confidence in yourself, you’d be better off stepping off the market until you figure out what it is that’s blocking this natural trait (confidence). Once you’ve identified why you can’t naturally exhibit confidence, you can then make the necessary changes & won’t have to try too hard and/or fake having it.

  24. beatrice says:

    guyz of diz dayz mostly fall in love with de type of body thnkz #1-#10 iz really good

  25. kim says:

    im in love with some1 but hes fit n im ugly so tis article is shit cus it dnt work

  26. gabi says:

    this really helped me.
    thank you

  27. Ameena Ismail Raother says:

    I agree to Steve…have heard too that guys do not prefer flirts for the sake of finding their love…other comments are good. Thanks!.

  28. Aanu Abisomo says:

    Just be yourself,build up ur self-confidence,have a good character,be positive minded&no guy/lady will resist u.

  29. heryz says:

    I think #6 is worthless! Most guys don’t like a flirt! I know I don’t, especially if I am with her and she is flirting with someone else. Some girls just get in the habit and don’t know when to stop. The girl I just broke up with flirted constantly and claims she didn’t realize she was doing it. You don’t need to flirt to get someone’s attention…#10 is much better, exude confidence.

  30. Racheal says:

    instead of always telling us girls how to attract men, that I can do on my own thank you, how about telling men how to attract and actually KEEP us women? Like being honest and faithful being the top 2. making her feel like she is the most important thing in your world cuz well if you really loved her she would be and making her feel like she is always the most gorgous woman in the world no matter what she looks like and how about not basing everything on looks? all that physical beauty is going to fade away eventually in time but personality remains forever. and guys who only want girls like this will never keep a girlfriend for long and it only makes girls like myself have less confidence in themselfs than what they did before and don’t think my guy would be very happy about that considering he worked so hard to build it up in me to begin with. if i were to rate this article i’d give it 4 thumbs down.

  31. SERINA says:

    i so much needed this. THANK YOU

  32. yvonnie says:

    ha! to all the girls have a different personality to please for the guy choose a perfect partner to you thanks to all love you……………

  33. Emily says:

    I’ve just read this and, in my opinion, it’s a load of crap! I don’t do/haven’t done any of these things, but my boyfriend still loves me. I’m not even very pretty; I have frizzy hair, LOTS of spots and quite fat. This stuff means that most guys either make fun of me or ignore me completely. My boyfriend, however, didn’t judge me by my looks, rather by my personality. Therefore I believe that if you have a kind personality and a good attitude you are more likely to find a worthwile guy than if you focus completely on what you look like.

  34. Jessica says:

    U are right.keep it up

  35. charles says:

    this is such an intresting write up for everybody to read inother to knowe how to handle each other so as to live and make a good relationship.that number six shoud be out of it.in any relationship there must be faitfulness.

  36. charles says:

    why must there something like that no 6?

  37. Penny says:

    I think this article was interesting, but it seems to say that if you want a man, you need to be perfect. Sorry, no such thing, and if there is a man out there who is perfect, then he can ask for perfection, but otherwise, he needs to get realistic.

  38. Generally these tips are what guys are looking for, however, they are some guidelines. In the end, each individual is different and unique.

  39. leke says:

    any 1 to chat wit

  40. fortune says:

    love is the most important thing so always try to love

  41. Tanay says:

    The five items I mention illustrate a confident woman who is caring, appreciative, sensitive and giving and has respect for herself. Notice I didn’t mention cup size or fave sexual positions or role playing preferences. That’s a whole other article people.

  42. saypussy1000 says:

    what ever the shit is goo

  43. Goska~ says:

    Flirting is not always appropriate. Do not do it everywhere you go. Could get you in trouble and you could run the risk of earning a ‘reputation’. As for the gym, you shouldn’t do that to please a guy. Do it for yourself first and foremost.

  44. jhenn says:

    I like this one.. =) nice tips..

  45. chidex says:

    Not understanding the article would make one superficial but a better understanding would help to improve some deficient part of ones life.

  46. samret says:

    hello am looking for a serious dating lady am 26 yrs old. am from nigeria i live in calabar

  47. Emmanuel Andoh says:

    thank you, ur 10 traits one wants in a girlfriend has helped me to get a very interestin and beautiful girl i’ve never and ever seen in ma life. thanks again

  48. Enagu joel says:

    I just brok up with a girl because the girl is in love with an order guy so that is why i am looking four a relatioship that can last long that is why i want a girl throuht this charting place.i want all the girls to look into my eyes four a serious relationship. This my 07038557195 and any girls can call four a relationship am now a single please call me.

  49. Bukenya says:

    Really the article is fare and i like that

  50. Andy says:

    9ice article but i most say that its nt always adviceable in all case.

  51. abraham bentum says:

    i think that is right.

  52. Gin says:

    I dont date guys who are so shallow since they would most likely trade me in for someone younger. Its got to be real. This is good info for younger gen but not older and have to add..how will they look when they are old? just some thoughts.

  53. blessing says:

    i want a good relationship

  54. blessing says:

    i want a good date

  55. lawal says:

    hello,i need a woman who is loving ,caring,beautiful,good manners and down to earth

  56. Frank says:

    Pls send me the tips of dating a girlfriend.

  57. ayobami says:

    well very nice

  58. How about get connected with your inner truth? Relying on outside behavior only will kill your chances of actually getting to the altar.

  59. DOMINIC says:

    hello,i need a woman who is loving ,caring,beautiful,good manners and down to earth,and God fearing.

  60. Grace Olweny says:

    Great tips.Am changed bigtime.You could add some tips on romance.

  61. Austino says:

    I need a loving and caring woman.Pls anybody who is interested in me should call this number +2348039450705.Thanks

  62. LOVE says:


  63. LOVE says:


  64. Temitope says:

    am in ilorin I NEED A LADDY BTW 15&21 my number, 08133356988

  65. ogunfolu says:

    It ok,but were is the man to appreciate that now? no were 2 b found, they no their aim and objective and sometime most of them go away with it, mayb 2weeks 2 my wedding i can fall in love again bcos men are heartless, 07038510906

  66. Briana says:

    I like it, Im young and healthy and skiny im very good at flirting but nothing has happened yet why not?

  67. yes the way the love is ilike a baby girl to bemome smile,happy e.t.c thanks.

  68. seth says:

    am also single and want a nice gul to date

  69. ken says:


  70. MARTIN says:

    i just need cute babe

  71. KATHY SESSION says:


  72. ashley says:

    u are right

  73. lapa says:

    i want the girl be my one love

  74. mart says:

    D article is cool,and i support kathy Sessions.guys,keep it up.

  75. Timothy Sunday says:

    keep it up

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