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5 Topics Not to Bring Up On Your First Date

by Aly Walansky


Ladies, congratulations! You’ve made it to the first date with someone you think you may actually really like. Now, don’t mess it up!

We consulted Dr. Sherri Lewis, a national bestselling author of three books (Kensington Books), who heads a singles dating ministry but she’s not preachy, I swear! Check her out at: www.sherrilewis.com. She helped us to come up with some topics NOT to bring out while sharing that flourless torte.

1. Marriage
The worst thing a woman can bring up on a first date is marriage. A guy wants to get to know you first – see if he’s interested. The mere mention of marriage is enough to send him running in the opposite direction and is a guaranteed way to make you look desperate.

2. Past relationships
No one wants to hear your “how he done me wrong” story on a first date, especially if you’re still bitter and hurt about it. He also doesn’t want to hear about the wonderful guy in your past you’re still hung up on and are certain to compare him to.

Whatever is stressing you out, keep it to yourself. You don’t want to download your issues on a new guy on the critical first date. Let him think you’re fun and carefree – and most importantly drama free. Guys hate conflict and drama.

4. His finances
While it’s important to ask about his career and be genuinely interested in what he does, don’t ask too many questions about money, his car, his house, etc. You’ll come across as a gold digger. Don’t talk about your finances either – you don’t want him to think you’ll be expecting him to pay your bills.

5. Other people
If another woman walks by in a dress that’s too tight or too short or too something, don’t dog her out. You don’t want to come across as judgmental and critical or as a gossipy woman that talks about people.

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Reader Comments:

35 Responses to “5 Topics Not to Bring Up On Your First Date”

  1. leti num says:

    ur so right

  2. Abesah says:

    Yes it is very points and will help to improve

  3. emily says:

    yes it is right

  4. kemmy says:

    this is so true.if ladies dont follow this the relationship is likely 2colapse

  5. kennie says:

    this is a very good advice

  6. walex says:

    for those who serious.

  7. beau says:

    very profitable advice,n so true too!!!!

  8. gudiya says:

    can u tell me on what topics shud one girl talk for bonding the relationship??????

  9. gojay says:

    it is a very good advice

  10. florence says:

    yeah..dat’s so true..thnks for the hints

  11. Jerry says:

    So, wat should one talk about without sounding desperate, sticky or even boring????

  12. RK says:

    I would like to know 5 imp topics a man should not do on first date !!

  13. mprorhassan says:

    its not bad at all.it is moralicios 4 so many(i dont know wat 2 dogirls)girls.

  14. Holly Hansen says:

    It all depends on the guy and if the guy tell you he want you to ask him any questions and he answered them find out How the guy wants the answer blunt strait to the point or pussy footing answers

  15. jay says:

    it really true to avoid such topics on first dates

  16. jay says:

    my question is what topics should the guy also avoid on a first date?

  17. wilson says:

    wawu, its fantastically true

  18. Maryann Daniels says:

    Excellent talk, this will change my lifestlye

  19. sats says:

    that will be so help full for the people who r facing 1st date….

  20. michael says:

    what about guys?u know we are in need of help….

  21. Oriadday says:

    When are you going to do this kind of stuff for guys… Common don’t be one sided

  22. Zanielicious says:

    Yha u r correct especially if the guy ask you how many men dd u had sex with that is grous…………..

  23. leo says:

    and also ask the lady, whether she has been in relationship before

  24. Kenny says:

    I like all these advice,they realy can end friendship if not properly handle.

  25. Tanay says:

    The fine line between getting personal in a sexy flirtatious way and invading someone’s privacy can be difficult for some to recognize. If you happen to be the type of person that does not embarrass easily you may be more likely to cross this line without realizing it. Watch out for any discussions which may bring up questions that most people would consider too personal for a first or second date and keep in mind that if this is the right person for you, there is plenty of time to find these things out later.

  26. susanne says:

    this is very interesting and true.

  27. Jbl says:

    4 a girl who want a successful date,dis is 4 you.

  28. emmanuel says:

    u er like right!

  29. Rakayat says:

    It’s a 9ce 1,4rm nw we ladies av 2 tak note

  30. Jerry says:

    I discussed marriage, past relations and finances she was very happy. She was amazed at how mature I was. So wrong on that

  31. Chijioke says:

    ur are right please talk what a man shouldn’t do in his first date.

  32. priceless says:

    you are right.lovely

  33. Isaac Ofei says:

    yes, is a very good point that is what made me quit my relationship with my lady.( Past relationships ).She always tell me about her past boy friend.And up to now i don’t trust any lady.

  34. Geozyimmill says:

    delet PLZ

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