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6 Ways to End a Relationship

by Jessica Padykula

couple-fightingEnding a relationship is never easy, even when you’ve truly had enough and you’re ready for freedom. But there are ways to make the deed go as smoothly as possible. If you only remember one thing, let it be this. Break up with others as you would like to be broken up with. Other than that, here are 6 of our best break-up methods.

1. Be honest
Whether he ends up believing you or not, being honest with whomever you’re breaking up with is the best way to go. Tell him why you need to move on and answer any questions he may throw at you as honestly as you can. Think about the times you were dumped with no reason. How did you feel? It probably frustrated you wondering why, when things appeared to be going so well, he decided to end it. Be fair and be honest with him.

2. Pick the right time
Some poor choices include at a party or any other social gathering, in the car or doing a mundane yet domestic task together such as grocery shopping. Chances are, he’ll be caught off guard no matter when you break the bad news, but if you do it in the frozen food section, he may have a much stronger reaction that if you do it at a café or in your neighborhood park. There is never going to be a perfect time to break up with someone, but try to have as much control over the time as you can, rather than blurting it out over brunch with friends.

3. Do it in a public place
This minimizes the chances for chaos. If you’re in a restaurant and there are people around, he will be less likely to fly off the handle and cause a scene. If you’re alone and he freaks out, you might be more likely to cave and call the whole thing off. Being in a public place may give you the confidence you need to follow through. Plus, when it’s over you can just walk away, rather than trying to get him to leave you place.

4. Do it in person
Do not be that person who ends a relationship electronically. Breaking up with someone via text, email or even over the phone is totally disrespectful. Even if you can’t wait to be rid of him, at least have the courage to look him in the eye as you dump him.

5. Make sure you are absolutely ready to do it
Not being totally sure of your feelings when you go to end a relationship can mess with your heart and his. If you’re not completely certain that it’s the right thing to do, you’ll confuse him and make him feel like he still has a chance, or worse, you’ll lose him when you still have feelings for him. Be totally ready to cut the ties or risk more heartache than necessary.

6. Take the high road
Chances are if he doesn’t see it coming, he won’t be happy with being dumped. He will curse at you, call you every name in the book, and make you feel like hauling off and punching him in the face. Restrain yourself. You’re leaving anyway, so just take a deep breath, nod politely and then walk away. You won’t gain anything by goading him on or giving him the satisfaction of knowing he upset you.

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Reader Comments:

223 Responses to “6 Ways to End a Relationship”

  1. anishika says:

    There’s no goddamn easy way to break up with anyone. It hurts as hell and it doesnt matter how much you gauge the right way to do it or wrong way to do it, there just is no black and white way to do it. one of you WILL get very hurt and if you both do then try and work it out!

  2. Ceci says:

    What if you love them and know it’s the best thing to do.. but don’t really want to

  3. lin says:

    if u wanna end the courtship, think twice. u will regret for it if he change his behaviours and stuff that u didnt like.

  4. NELLY says:


  5. haylee says:

    this is a internet relationship have not been honest with him need to break it off. help tell me what to do

  6. AUJ says:

    make love to her last time–u will change ur mind

  7. prakki says:

    a really nice article,bbbbuuuuuuttttt touch wood m happy with my husband and dumping is the worst thing that could happen to anybody………

  8. Lovergirl says:

    Great thanks..I needed that..hehe

  9. Russell says:

    Women can be just as unstable. You try to express to them how certain things do go over well and when you have had enough, you are the villain. They NEVER see their input to failure.They stalk, curse and attempt to block any future that don’t include them. Just like some weak guys will. Some even parity here, please?

  10. ~phateye~ says:

    it takes a lot of courage to break up with someone, especially when they’ve showed you soo much affection
    Like ‘anishika’ mentioned, there is no right or wrong way to go about it, but considering the purpose of it (breaking up)… the pressure might be a little lighter than it could have been.

  11. Dumpie says:

    I recently got dumped and she lied and didn’t give any decent reason. Being honest would have been the best way easily since I saw her with him

  12. kirikoo says:

    well..I just got dumped by the most wonderfull person I’ve ever met in my life (and trust & believe, Ive had my share of fun) since my bachelor days, (1yr ago) this relationship could have easily been the most intense I’ve been into within past 6 years!!
    to be honest I had it comming and I should even say that I sorta push her into it, until she broke out those sad words and it was too late at that point since I was able to hear in her voice the same honesty as when she said that she loved me…(maybe thats what scared me off…but why would I be scare, if I was the 1st to admit my love to her)

  13. kirikoo says:

    IT HURT!!!

  14. nish says:

    breaking up with someone is a very difficult and risky decision. i really hate goodbyes but anyway tnx for the tips.

  15. ayen says:

    …im still thinking about it,,i dnt want another regrets…i luv him but its fading slowly…

  16. gemma says:

    Its really difficult to say goodbye moreover if uve been together for years & kids but if it will hurt u more all the way i think we shud be honest & look forward life continues its only once.But there is always BUT,, Difficult huh! Very.. there is always in BETWEEN..

  17. sOuL says:

    i really need help on that cuz i was in relationship with someone that i didnt realize how deep is my love for him until i left him and went into a new relationship…
    when i’m with my boyfriend,i cant stop thinking about my ex who i found out that i love him more than anything in the world..
    he came back and asked to get back together not knowing that i already got a new bf..!!
    i want him back but i couldnt break up with my bf that i’m afraid of hurting him …but i have to cuz i cant be with him while my heart is somewhere else!!!!!
    I NEED HELP :(

  18. richard says:

    this is absolutely good ways of ending a relationship.l hope it do work in real life situation.but honestly this is a good masterpiece.

  19. FLIPPER says:


  20. FLIPPER says:


  21. Ribz says:

    kirikoo u’re my twin man. i feel better coz i’ve realised i’m not the only one. it really hurts.

  22. sunny says:

    I think ending a relationship when there is deep love will be very difficult.

  23. vannie says:


  24. Spoiled Angel says:

    even if we used these ways … blv me theres no polite way to say gd bye .. theres no way to heal the pain … when u say good bye to someone who doesnt deserve .. or who did everything to keep u but u left ..

    but if u rly gave up and that someone u cant live with and ur sure … then do all those steps and wish them luck

  25. Confused says:

    I’ve jus recently met sum1 who makes me feel special, I feel lyk we are on the same level. But dont know how to break up wid my current bf. Yes we have had gud tymz 2getha, bt I cant be what he wantz me 2 be. The new guy allows me 2 be me. How do I end things?

  26. lisa says:

    you always know when its over and its for good. its in his kiss or her kiss. when the love is gone nothing can change how you feel. male ir female. then you pick up the pieces and move on. life happens.

  27. Miro says:

    This is a very nice article, the best part is about honesty as the worst thing is to get dumped without even knowing why or when it went wrong.

  28. kieuthi says:

    I just left my husband of 11 years. I told him that I had given him the best part of my life, I want something different. No looking back!!!Some people working on to keep love hot, it needs feeding. My husband put his feet up because – like some people – he thought love will always stay once you married. Work on it, daily. And if there was a true spark at the start, meditate on it before you end. Make sure you don’t end a fruitful relationship.

  29. Maura says:

    Its not a easy situation; I am in transaction too this now n I am the one been accuse of having someone else, As a Man when he is the one at fault of committing adultery, of too many women on the Inter net and who says u have to be polite about the way you leave one relationship and if you are dumped before n Why is it all the time a Women duty too be Gentle on the way of telling and been able to do this via telephone, via email……..Its too ensure the safety,of me too take into consideration too be able too walk away n not make this mistake of returning to a lose cause of deceitful person in the First place…My opinion…Thanks

  30. shanti says:

    How ever u be, Be Confident all the time

  31. NELSON says:


  32. NELSON says:

    well and good way of saying goodbye.

  33. opc says:

    that is true

  34. Linda says:

    i like you advice you alway give as it has halp me in any way in life

  35. jvc says:

    I’ve been dumped many times on the phone, and through email. By people that considered themselves “polite and honorable” people. No so much. :(

  36. john hryckiewcz says:

    i’ve been in relationship for almost2yeas but i love the girl with heart,letter she was lothering around with another guy,all what i heard is she said the guy is her first guy in life,but she really do love me how can i buy the .so i just said goodbye to her but still thinking of her

  37. Imran says:

    I m totaly agree with anishika its such a hard thing to do in life. no matter how strong u are it will surely break you from inside.

  38. wil says:

    well no. 1 is the golden rule at it I think

  39. anselem says:

    this is perfect

  40. jpcreek says:

    Vannie i think your just a man hating bitch cause you might have run across 1 or 2 bad dudes. Im not saying women are worse or men are but if you try to say that women dont cheat fling and stray their eyes your a lieing pirate hooker. ive never cheated i will never cheat. I’ve been cheated on ive been lied to and honestly women are dogs. im in a relationship now and im pretty sure shes cheating.

  41. peter says:

    talk to your partner nicely,avoid regular meetings and never allow to meet her/him in a social or public place,make sure he/her is the person to call you and answer well what your partner wants but dont show any commitments. ,when you meet let it be as short as possible and and make sure both of you dont sit anywhere and have time.with time it will shade off.

  42. Segellant says:

    What if the lady tell a lie of having a STD in order to grade your sincerity to a true love? I bet that what made the lady think of jilting you will make you leave her. Nothwithstanding, a true love will not be doubted when it faces a test of time. Learn to have a trrue love and your partner, though haven’t realize yet but will no very soon

  43. Segellant says:

    What if the lady tell a lie of having a STD in order to grade your sincerity to a true love? I bet that what made the lady think of jilting you will make you leave her. Nothwithstanding, a true love will not be doubted when it faces a test of time. Learn to have a trrue love and your partner, though haven’t realize yet, will Know very soon

  44. vishal says:

    well… the worse effect is when u get physical… with ur partner.. breakup becomes even more difficult..

  45. nida salcedo says:

    to my case i always breaking up my damn dirty old man boyfriend but he always knows how to take advantage my stupid feeling to him ..i think the best way of breaking up is call for a bad karma to those you commit a bad things in relationship and im hoping that my x boyfriend jos spijkers die it only easiest way for breaking up its totally end up..and peaceful to both of us…iys realistic.jos is totally devil he is the creature i had been seen in my life..so ladies be careful to jos spijkers he is devil..he will promise you a heaven but he will bring you in hell!!! i want to publish this comment.so everybody will be warning about him..

  46. rhen says:

    breaking up with som1 s so hard.. yet, cause a big problem… (think twice b4 doing it) pray to God first…

  47. eMIly says:

    and that’s true is very hard to break up… its often a time i always do that to my husband (BREAK UP).. i don’t know why i do that to him? but my love for him is very strong, i love him very much..

    Some poor choices leads to break up, one night i could not forget when we’re quarrel together then i tell him to leave the house. not long i was looking for him not to go and he was standing outside of the house… not knowing what to do, when i came close to him and tell him to forgive me… he say sorry to me and the tears came out from his eye… and then we back again!!!!!!!!!!! and we have 2 years for relationship follow by marriage that why we don’t understand each other for first time
    only 2 years for relationship is not enough to get know the person

  48. Pearl says:

    I just broke up with my boyfriend about 2 weeks ago, we had been in a relationship for a year and a couple of months. We had our fun times and worst times and still love him so much, but Ours was just not working out the way we both wanted to, I can not even imagine myself making love to someone else.
    I called see if we could sort things out and he said that I was right that ours wasnt working out and that he is now moving on and that he loves me and that we are doing this for our happiness. But my heart is in so much in Pain and I feel like it will forever be that way. Please post some advice on how I can als start moving on.

    • cool tash says:

      now that his moving on with his life u should to i know yo in a very tight situation just like h’v ever been. try for get abt him however much its hard hug out with friends,mk phone calls to those u think can console u but don’t be taken up by his love since things between u couldn’t work out. am very sure u u find love very soon just pray to GOD so that u can find the courage and confidence to leave yo life with out him.sorry about that baibe

  49. Divine says:

    well to hell with d boy who thinks he is everything. breaking up is not easy but i just have to break up wit a guy who thinks am not real, after all the love i feel 4 him, is hard to say; but i just have to say goodbye to him. I think we are not meant to be together.

  50. YASMINE says:


  51. dayo says:

    i have 2 say goodbye 2 d guy that never trust my love 4 him.d guy that don’t trust me for once. that is a good reason for me to leave him.

  52. Basil says:

    i have a relationship with a girl, she made it clear to me that she is in a more serious relationship with someone else, i tried to break up with her but she would not let me be. please i need advise on how to end the relationship.

  53. Brokedguy says:

    screw my gf,she broke up with me over the phone after four years with her…ass i hope she dies

  54. LEKAN says:

    I have a relationship of 11years with a girl i thought she love me, and now she as leave with out saying good bye.

  55. murphy brown says:

    walk away

  56. celine says:

    my guy never luved me cos i did all the calling and caring i really hate him for cheating on me at the end

  57. Dag says:

    my gf broke up with me without telling me.she told my best friend.since then she always ran away when i see her.and i want her back.i need a gf.i’m a ghanaian

  58. Jigar says:

    I have decided to break up with my bf but it was just after he went to campus that he kept off from me there was no more communication and i also decided to call it quits

  59. studolicious says:

    i decidd to broke up with mah bf..because he just leave whitout any word to say…i made my self so stupid because 4 one month i wait for him but he never come back…every night i cry and wait for the phone to ring but no one call…it so hard for me to move on…damn.!!

  60. nancy says:

    I just do not know what the hell is wrong with my boyfriend, he tells me he is not sure if he wants the relationship or not, I really just want to move on with my life, because I don’t want to be replaced totally before I get my life on the track, still thinking………………………

  61. Felix Olumide says:

    Can someone pls advise me? I have a GF I dont really love b4 I left for Europe and I have tried all posibilities best to quit before even before thinking of moving to Europe but the more I am trying to quit the more she is more committed. Now, I dont know what to do and we are very very far away, the only way to communicate her is email and telephone.

    I am not having another GF here but whenever I flashed back about I used to feel very bad because I am very sure she will be thinking I am cheating on her.

    Pls can I present ” Let us end our relationship” in very polite and best way.

    • cool tash says:

      no boy don’t do that coz you will brake her hurt if she is really committed that means she really loves u and willing to do any thing for yo love. distance doesn’t matter but the relationship between two related hearts pliz dont disapont her and dont brak her hrt keep communicating am sure this will help yo relationship to stand unless if yo not commit ed to staying with her or have no hope of returning to yo country for her sake but think twice before u act “communication is the most important thing in a relationship”

  62. spark says:

    i have gf and almost 8 years we are good but suddenly she told me that she need space and she need to love her self first after a week i decided to break her although i know that i love her very much. after 2 weeks i call her up and saying i want to be with you again but she reject me and accept what she want even my heart is bleeding now she email me and saying that she miss me but i ignore her.pls help me what should i do. i dnt want to be with her if her feelings are not sure with me.

    • cool tash says:

      if she says she misses u that means her feelings for u are real. give yo relationship a second chance and see how things move on, GOOD LUCK

  63. gab says:

    give what they want. in the other hand is not your lost their lost..

  64. Victora says:

    i love my guy but i dont pray for him to leave me at all

  65. Adonis says:

    Some girls are so unscrupulous. I love ma gf, but she has so many unofficial guys. Should i set her free? What do i do?

  66. Harideva Dasa says:

    Continue with her my friend. I’m in the same situation you are and in the end it’s better because the relationship has less demands and stress, once you know you both are free from overcontrolling behaviors.

  67. Ndboi says:

    I want 2 break up wit my gf cos she makes feel bored.bt i usually feel dat am going 2 lose much & be hrt broken later

  68. Meuziz says:

    I want to break up with my Gf,we have being dating for 3years and she dont allow me to show her the feeling that i love her,she keep saying that she dont anything like that, and she would not allow me to confirm if it is true or not,pls can anybody help me on what to do

  69. anayo says:

    breaking up is not really easy,but having the courage to do so is what really matters.+2347041205379…anayo

  70. B says:

    please advice me, does he really love me?.I am married to this guy whom i never had courtship with.It was on the bases that he knew me when we were together in the primary school and he since then developed love for me at a tender age which lasted to the moment.Ater primary school,I went to another state for secondary and university education and we never met at any occasion, but suprisingly, I got information that somebody was looking for me and he doesn’t stay in the country. After much calls from home I decided to let him have my phone number and email address and when he sent his pix i could not recognise him at all. To cut the story short, I allowed him to come home from abroad so i can see him. He requested for my hand in marriage . I was afraid to accept him because i was seeing him like a stranger, but i later agreed after much pleading.Immediately i agreed,he asked for a court wedding to enable me travel with him i refused as that is not the right way to get married. i asked him to see my parents which he did,and never came back to them again , but sent his family to pay dowry.The next thing was for me to travel to meet him. my trip was successful.But when i got to europe ,I notice he has attitude that i cannot understand.Ifelt he was not showing me the love he said he have for me , so i started complaining but no change occured.He doesnot say anything to me even when i cry in his presence,he doesnot tell me he loves me, doesnot kiss me, can’t hug me, except i do it to him even when i complain, and i am a frigile type but now i am pregnant even when i am in pain initially, he doesnot care until one of his brothers told me he is like that and maybe i could change him and that he was a casonova

  71. remilekun steven says:

    i have a girl friend who is always comparing other relationship with hers all d time and each time i call her at night,she doesn,t pick up and in d morning she will text me she slept off dat she,s so sorry..and now wen i started avoiding she made a decision 2r her friend ..and i went to her house and meet guys cloth more than 10..so wat should i do…

  72. Fiona says:

    i need to quick my man ‘cos he doesn’t want to commit. we’ve been together for 3 years and all he could talk about is himself and his dreams, not “us”. He says he loves me but i’m not dumb. if u love somebody you’d want to keep him/her forever.

  73. Pelumi says:

    I am in a relationship with a girl of my age. 27. I get confuse at time because she would not let me know her mind and this give me headache. Please I love this girl but not sure if she feel thesame with me..Please i need advise on what to do. Regards.

  74. Rick says:

    I’ve been in a relationship with a woman for close to 10 years now, and each time I suggest breaking up, she say’s “What am I supposed to do, I’m all alone now?” She lost both parents just a few years ago and has a close relationship with my family. I’m unhappy, but how do I get out of this?

  75. Dboth says:

    Am in love with a guy for 2 years just recently his father told him not to go out with me again bco the religion we are both doing is not the same. But the guy still want to have sex with me am confuse and since then i dont have any feeling for him again and the sex matter is what is on his mind now pls help me

  76. Jefferson says:

    The best thing in life is slowly sliping of my hands, i love seun more like life and cant afford to lose her or i’ld lose my life. But now i see some of the 6 steeps of breaking up in her doings God please i’ld do what ever it takes to make her stay. I love you my dutchess.

  77. angelique says:

    it isn’t really easy to break up with someone you had with half of your life even if you’ve already had enough, even if your mind telling you its already time to set yourself free in a stuck relationship i wanna go out of this relationship of mine with my partner but there are many things that keeping me to stay firstly i dont know if i have enuf strength to move on if i can stand for my decisions but i think what makes me feel hurt the most is the fact that he can get easily evercome the fact that were done and that kills me

  78. austin says:

    i got a GF who dose’nt feel my emotions.i do break up with her many times 4 such reasons but still yet nothing change d fact that she always return back to appologise and creat another chance 4 d same silly….. how do i let her go?.

  79. Akopo says:

    i got a gf, which i really loved but sometimes back, she told me she found someone else just bcos of a silly excuse but later she realize what she as done was not right, she came back to apologize which i accepted but Now shes distance away from me and things have not been the way its used to be and I know something is not right somewhere but aint know what to do about this whole issue,I don’t want what happened before to repeat it self and I hate my girl been fucked around.. please tell me what to do?

  80. Charmy says:

    I really like this article……

  81. Nina says:

    he loves me so much .. but i am nt able to feel the same .. i feel its unfair for him!

  82. Sacha O. says:

    I broke up with him because, I love him too much!…and I’m scared he doesnt feel the same.smh!


  83. vic_noel1425 says:

    sacha.. your afraid he can not give back the same love…people has diffent ways of shoeing their feelings to their love ones..
    sigh.. people on earth

  84. his_gurlz says:

    dis article’s gud

  85. cameron says:

    so how do you break up w/ a girl you love? you’re just not IN love w/ her and she’s in love w/ me…now thats some hard shit…breaks my heart to see her cry..i dread it

  86. omg get a life ppl says:

    all of you need to get a life. i just threw mine out the door after being together 5.5 years, cuz he became such a lazy bastard. and am not interested in another man. get some spirituality in your life and stop looking for happiness from a man! find it from within

  87. jack says:

    ppl i need some advice…
    before my gf nd i wer together..she tole me that had a bf which we may call it as..”unofficial break-up”..since the guy jsut disappeared for about 3 months nd didnt knw wer is he ryt now.now this time..that gal nd i wer now couple.we coupled for about months.the hardest thing is..she told me that guy came bck nd her feelings did jsut went bck for him.she told me shes getting closer to him nd the guy wnts her bck eventhough he knew that wer now coupled n that gal.she was now confused.nd i jsut feel like i jsut shud let her go…but it wasnt easy..wat shud i do?..i love her so much…

  88. HM says:

    Can anyone here speak proper english? Jeeze.

  89. Tammy says:

    I have been in a realaltionship for 6 months with a guy that still “hangs” out with his ex wife and ex step daughter. I hate it but i don’t want to be the type that tells him it me or her. I love him and I know that he loves me but why cant he give me the time and commitment I know that I deserve?

  90. anita osei says:

    i have a bf which i met about 4month ago,he has a nigeria lady which i asked hima nd told me yes is true.he told want to break up with this gal,but she keep calling him so then i told him we should live the country so we can make up since she wont hear from him.he agreed and this guy has change in extend he dont kiss me,hug me,even when i touch him he tell me im using medicine on him.and now he goes and come to me for a couples of days.and this gal is in town now and anytime i see him i tell him we should break up he will beat me up that we wont allow me.and he dont make me go out even my friends cant come to me and he still cheat on me.i have reported to the police yet he keep coming to me.i need your advise pls im worried thank you

  91. Mai says:

    Wow, I guess this is the best way to.Our relationship right now is REALLY complicated!&& so many things to explain >//:3

  92. chiro says:

    my girl insulted i said iwant to do it.i have left forever.am no farway from he.i think we not compactible.

  93. Diana says:

    I want to break up with my BF because he doesn’t trust me. He never calls/texts. I call him, but he never answers the phone. He has baggage from a previous relationship. We had a great relationship, but he has managed to sabotage what we had. I love him, but he hurts me… so I must leave him and find someone who will make me feel special :(

  94. Kennywest says:

    Am with a relationship with a girl, she cheat and lie to me all the time.One day she set me up with are friend to call me and ask me out she did but she could not suceed.Her close friend now call me tell me everything.I now find not my self, and ask her she denied,we all now met face to face everybody was against her,i now break up with her.But i still love her what will i do to bring her back.

  95. Queen cece says:

    i agree with Divine, guys are like dogs …you could love them with all your heart..but the first thing they will do is to take your love for granted and think that they own you or like without them your life will be over…that is not love my dear and love is for 2 people not one. if your patner thinks they owns you that is not love and you have to get the hell of that relationship before it 2 late for you

  96. Meg says:

    I have been dating dis guy 4 almost 2yrs nw, yeah, i m rily crazzzy abt him, bt the problem now is dat we dnt spend much tym together cos of distance.We see each oda twice in 3 months and it’s very annoying. I v tried so many times to break up wt him, bt it’s rily difficult. D 1st tym i attempted doing so, he convinced me 2 continue and dat things were going to work out rite, bt I can’t stand it anymore cos it’s rily killing me inside. Dnt knw wot else to do, I knw he truely loves me and I love him too,bt i m so confused. pls i need ur help!!!

  97. Honey Lizzy says:

    It is not easy to break up with guys,and at the same time i will not do anything that will please others and inconvinient myself….
    I think the earlier i quit him the better and faster my FREEDOM be………..

  98. Rose says:

    I have loved this girl for the past five years. Till this day, I feel like I was just a rebound. I don’t think she ever loved me as much as I loved her. It is so easy for her to insult me and make me feel bad about myself. She has no idea who I am inside. I have to end this relationship before I lose my mind. I wish I could wake up one day and just not love her anymore.

  99. Mob deep says:

    There’s a girl i was introduced to by a friend 2 years ago, but since the introduction we’ve not come in contact, not until recently we discovered we were in the same university. We got hooked up in less than a week, & our relationship is just 2wks old. Each night we hung out she always want to end it with a kiss & this i wasn’t too comfortable with cos i felt she was rushing the whole thing. There was a day i invited her over to my place, we got kissing & 1 thing led to the other & we was about to have sex, we both got naked but as soon as i brought out a condom from my pocket she flared up & was angry saying that i had it all planned out, that i knew i was gonna have sex with her & she wanted out. I tried to apologised to her but she left a brother hanging. Now she wouldn’t pick or return my calls. I don’t know what to do now and i think i losing her gradually. I still love her.

  100. Amber says:

    Try to explain to her that you didn’t have it all planned out, but that you just wanted to be safe, and prepared just in case the situation did arise. Continue to apologize, and let her know that you didnt have it planned like you knew it was going to happen~

  101. nicki says:

    its hard 2 break up with someone that doesnt seem like they care about the relationship in the first place. i feel like i want that person to be concerned instead of acting like he’s not, i would like to hear what he has to say and that way i will feel better because i will know if its really the right thing to do instead of leaving a good man.

  102. shirurinu says:

    Yes I totally agree with you.
    But then again, breaking up with someone who doesn’t seems to care about the relationship is the right things to do.

    However, i guess it’s all part of the mind game. The more unconcerned he seems with the relationship, the more you are not willing to let go.

    I’m stuck in this pit myself

  103. dlysen says:

    This is a very serious matter. And as far as I am concerned, these guides of breaking up are the right things to do. We should think first before acting on it or else regrets will follow. So better have a wise decision making, not only with this kind of issue.

  104. Бaбник says:

    Жесть! Конечно, поразительно видеть то, как в считанные часы совершенно без малейшего повода из пальца высасывается такой “новостной сюжет” и начинает широко гулять по блогам. :)

  105. A.K.FLEX says:


    I am 22 male nigerian, i have a girl friend and we both have been for 2 years now ever since she was 16, Now she said to me that she needs space i should allow are recive calls from other male friends and she will no longer be comming to my house regulaly as she should to all this words she gave reasons for saying them. What do u want me to do now?????

  106. Olumide says:

    Hello am olumide am 22year i always have a girlfriend everytime i tries to be with them they always broke up i guess maybe am not right one

  107. Narah says:

    Help me understand please. I recently found out that my now 16 months old boyfriend has been talking to and texting one of my best friend behind my back on a platonic level. She was the one who told me about it. As strange as i found it i was ok to discuss it whit him and get over with it, but what puzzles me the most is that he always makes sure to tell her not to say a word to me about it.
    I wonder if anyone in here has been n this situation and how to cope with it, because i’ve been aviding talking to my boyfriend since i found that out, and it’s been about a week.

  108. confused says:

    its hard to break up with someone. im in that situation now. i love him but things are getting boring. im thinking of letting him go, i know it will hurt him… and it might hurt me more. i wont know until that will actually happen. so now im bored just laying in the couch with him everyday (he’s a homebody). oh well. i’l just hold on maybe. or maybe not. or yeah i will… not :s

  109. stephanie says:

    i have a guy who always tell lies and never say yhe truth he told me he was travelling and sid he will b coming back at the end of the year but i found out dat he at home and i have no cougrage to go to his house please tell me what do i do

  110. stephanie says:

    how can i deal wit a lying lip guy

  111. mia says:

    i’m 16 and i am very much in love with my boyfriend and he also loves me madly but the thing is that my parents got to know about it, and they do not like my boyfriend at all…they have different reasons for it, thus i am goona break up with my boyfriend, even though we have a lot of dreams for the future, it’s just that my boyfriend is still at school…but one thing am sure about is that my parents won’t agree, what should i do??? should i forget him?? it’s just toooo hard. i love him.

  112. igorot says:

    our relationship is getting boring…
    its for me to let it go because i love him so much!!!!! but i am not happy with him anymore…

  113. love says:

    if you love a person u never let him go…
    try to understand everything….
    but what if you still love that person but suddenly u are not happy with him???
    shall u continue the relationship or just forget him for the rest of your life?????

  114. Mudasseer says:

    Im Modest from Nigeria in Kano. I’ve a girlfreind and she always showing that she’s madly in luv, but she usually doesn’t caring the relationship. What should i do? Plsss

  115. Mudasseer says:

    “Wayyo Allah! Yaya zan bullo wa wannan yarinya”, is wat always Mudasser Sani Baba saying in his mind about the girl he had relationship wiz. So what can i do pls peopleee

  116. Miller says:

    I had this girl introduced to me by a friend,we got close by phone contact,and met weeks after,things went well till i asked her if she ahd any gu in her life,she never admitted having any other,so i followed up with suspiscion and found out,there was a guy in her ,whom she had always tried to get rid of,and this guy disagreed to breakin with her.but after i found out she went mad at me for betrayin her,then she begun searching my past lookin to know i was,and begun askin questions,and question about me from my friends,which she had answers.From time to time she asked me questions,and whenever they didnt comply to what my friends told her,she’d she that i lied to her.and with this continuing,she ended up saying i have lied to her from the beginning,and that,she is going to train her self in a way,so she could stop loving me,then its been two weeks now,then when i ask her if she still loves me she says,i can be her best friend now,cos she has moved from loving me to liking me,i also thought of proving to her what they say is untrue,but coming back to it,i want her to forgive me before i prove to her.if not its going to be hard for us in the future,when there is another situation and am helpless,with no proof…What do i do now???does she love me??/do i need to keep trynna win her back,especially when she’s said she has a awhole lot in her mind,and she wouldnt want to talk about it???and is break up the only way to get some time to yourself???

  117. 3shade says:

    this is a funny way of breaking up

  118. Cait says:

    Ive been with my boyfriend for 3 years and I just recently moved out with him 6 hours away from my family and now that he has me all to him self i feel like im trapped i cant make any new friends because he thinks im going to go out and find somebody else…im scared to say anything that will get him upset because he doesnt care if he makes a big scene he will yell at the top of his lungs if he has to if that gets my attention because he knows that i dont like that..he keeps saying if i break up with him i will never find a a good guy….he says they will either cheat on me, abuse me or just get what they want and leave…..im going crazy because i love him but i dont want to end it because when we get alone its great but them he snaps and hes awful….i hate it im only 20 years old im young or am i just getting into this to quick? please help i dont know if im being to selfish or what

  119. bunny says:

    This is a girl am inlove with, then she traveled , we have been communicating since she traveled till date and now this is another girl in my area who is really mad inlove with me , and i love her too ,can some one help me to choose

  120. wela says:

    im a martir girl….i met a guy was very simple and humble person…he made me madly inlove with him.one day i found out,he just fooled me that he has a another girl in his life before he meet me..it made me hurt because i love him so much,i cant afford to lose him…he told me he wants to leave his former girlfriend just for me…but it seems too hard for him to made a decision to break with that girl because of the time theyve been together..and he assure me this problem will be finishand .. and everytime they been together,it really hurts me..please help me…should i stay with him and waited him to break up with his former girlfriend?should i stop communicate with him??..

  121. Vicki says:

    I just broke up with my boyfriend of 9 years. I had been having an emotional affair that he discovered in June and I’ve spent the past 5 moths working thru things. He’s been supportive and understanding beyond belief, but this morning he demanded an answer. Are you staying or going? After seeing a therapist these past few months, I realized that I’ve never been “all in” this relationship and frankly, don’t see that changing. And I finally found the courage to tell him that. Now he is angry and cold. He went from holding me to “Goodbye” in 2 minutes flat. We have a house together and we will need to live together until it can sell as neither of us can afford it alone or afford to move out. I don’t know what to do next.

  122. seun says:

    But then again, breaking up with someone who doesn’t seems to care about the relationship is the right things to do

  123. im in a relatnship for 6yrs……… but d guy has never for once give me joy, happiness, peace. than to make me crying every now and then……. and his frnd control him and his relatnship….. he make life to b soo boring to me…. but is hard to let him go….. pls wat can i do….. it killing me softly and deep inside..

  124. leong says:

    Guys, i need help. My gf broke up with me with no reason. She said she dun love me anymore but I can still feel she love me.. she gets angry when i text or call her.

  125. MEKA says:

    l am about losing her 4 no good reason.She have been complaining about my smoking habit which ijust stoped 4 recntly.she told me again that she want 2 b alone an dt she is too young…but l think d main reason is that maybe she fel in lov with one of her frend on FACEBOOK who happen 2 b in d same skul.l feel like killing somebody…somebody should help bc i know that young guy cant go scot free!

  126. Tanay says:

    Don’t beat around the bush. Rather than hinting that the breakup may be temporary or making up an excuse about your job or family, simply explain that the relationship is not working out as you had hoped and that you are sure both will better off going separate ways. You can mention feelings of sadness or disappointment, but don’t stir false hope if there isn’t any on your part. Don’t be evasive. Meet with the soon-to-be-ex-partner and frankly share your concerns along with best wishes for the future.

  127. Maya says:

    I learn more & feel glad have chance to read 6 ways to breaking up…so that I can end the relationship on respectfull way, thank you

  128. Kolis says:

    Im in a 5 years relationship which am not tired of but she is dumpin me which we never dreamt cos she gave so much confidence which i thot if any1 will fumble it will be me. I was so open which i never hid anytin from her cos i wanted 2 be honest, i was scared 2 always say i luv u expect wen intimate & in sum occasions cos of my past experience but she knows i do cos i can do witout her. She is a gud girl, pick my call & im still beggin for d past 3 months.

  129. Lucy.Bby says:

    Wow thanks for the advise.i really needed it; i no longer love him and hes done so much to me and i been tru enough. im done! i meet another man that shows me he cares and is always telling me hoe Gorgeous i am and i needed that. sometimes a women is willying to put up to so much…theres always an end and i got feed up with it.

  130. Pesh says:

    Im Pesh from Kenya.Im not rily sure about my bfriend.He doesnt cal or even visit.I luv him but not sure of his luv anymore.Its jst a yr down the line.What could be wrong with him and what do i do?

  131. Chris says:

    To love someone is a choice that individual make….but whenever u find urself on the wrong track pls run 4 ur dear life….

  132. Blaze says:

    We’ve been together for 2yrs now. The communication is one sided I think she has someone else.

  133. ALISON says:



  134. Fred says:

    Love is not a do or die afair,…when u find out things are not working out between you and the one u clainm you love then quite and move on….there are better dayz ahead….

  135. CLion says:

    Wow. Its kind of surprising to see all of these comments and everyone looking for help.
    Here are some general answers:

    To Leong: There is nothing you can do about the situation. It seems as though this person wants to move and maybe you should come to terms with that. Creating violence and drama for her will only create more stress in hers and your life. Heres a tip. If you co-operate and show her that you only want whats best for her ( which is you and her seperating) then she might see how much of a caring individual you are but if you continue behaving this way, I guarantee you, She will no longer speak to you again.
    I was in a relationship as well that was one sided and led me nowhere. Not only did he not call me or visit me, he tried sleeping with my best friend because i became resentful of him for not showing me “love”. All in all, I dumped his ass.
    I think everyone that comments on this article needs to realize your self worth.
    If someone is not treating you how you should be treated.
    If someone is verbally abusing you or physically.
    Or even if that special someone is neglecting you – then you know what to do.

  136. CLion says:

    And to “Mobb Deep”. I can see how that could upset her but she needs to stop acting over emotional but about what happened and GET OVER IT. If you apologized, numerous times, then there is nothing you can do.

    Life doesnt end here. There are many other fish in the sea… Get over it and move on.

  137. Arash says:

    hi,she broke up with me after 2 years.we are co-worker and meet every day.its kill me ,what should i do?some times i do not look at her long day,sometime i have to talk because of our work situation.please tell me what we should do?

  138. elizabeth says:

    well same thing hapenned to me i went to ecaudro over the vacation for 2 months i found this really nice guy he was 5 years older than me ; i fell inlove with him ; but he had another girl that he was with for 1 year and 2 months he broke up with her for me ; during our relationship i gave him everything ; body & soul . then i haad to come back to ny and that meant i wasnt gonna see him until next year . i thought everything was gonna go find. and then i found out that he fucked his ex again got her pregnant then he broke up with me . we lasted 5 months . i got over him after 6 months. i never wanna see him again . its life we gotta learn how to build a brigde and get over it .

  139. romeo says:

    I am Romeo 23. I just broke up with ma girlfriend from a 20 month relationship.I found out that she wasn’t being honest.

    Although we’ve had worse problem than what she did this time and we’ve gotten over them but what really hurt me the most that resulted breaking up with her was that she did not realize her mistake.

    I woke up one morning and taught of sending her some morning massages and when i checked ma phone i realize that ma battery was dead so i decided to use ma sister’s phone which i text a love massage to her and she text back (who is this?) I was like wow! how many boyfriends have you got as i said to my self.

    I decided to put her to test since it dint occur to her that i was the one who sent the message! we exchanged several massages. I tried to keep her suspend by not revealing my identity.Let me cut this short cause my experience seems to be a long story.

    I finally asked her out and she agreed,I told her to let me when know when she’s ready and i will have our driver pick her up and she said i was rushing her for she will fix her own date.I decided to put an end to the unknown messaging thing so i called to ask her is there is anything she thinks i should know and she said no and ask her how about the unknown caller u promised to fix a date with, i don’t know if it was out of heartlessness but i tell u what, she told me she was disappointed in me for she knew it was a set up.

    Why dint she tell me that someone unknown caller is messing with her if she does not like it so i will at least know how honest she is. If she was able to fall for an unknown caller how much more some who propose to her in person.

    One mistake i also did was that i broke up with her by a text message and it’s 6 days now and she hasn’t said a word.I still love her and i don’t know what to do know.

    Shes trying to tease me on facebook by writing on her wall that shes single and who wants to know her new guy!
    what do i do?must i just let it be like i broke up with her or what?

  140. [...] 6 ways to end a relationship [...]

  141. bamaba says:

    Your all losers!

  142. If he feels being rushed, he should take his time.

  143. crazy C says:

    im inlove with my cousins boyfriend he loves me too..my heart longs to be with him & he 2.
    the story is that they met while she was visiting and she told him that she likes him ,since he had a gal friend but long distance he agreed with the relationship!He never loved her he says and what im so sad about is that my cousin use to tell me about him share all that they have been throug but not once has he told me he loves her,i know this sounds sick but i love him dearly.She is dating some body else now and its been sum time now but i know how she was head over hills with him.How can i possible do that to her!!!
    We both met when they were together and i found a job and am reting at his home so we started talking,we became friends till he comfessed his love for me,maybe i liked him too but never did i put it in mind coz he was with my cousin..Our feelings grew much closer and we kissed made love countless of times…
    Reaily struck for both of us ,what would people say!can we seriously hurt alot of people for a love that we r not so sure will last we r both in long distance relationships with other people ,is it worth us braking up with them to be together is it wort me hurting & braking my cousins trust?..im heart broken but the only solution is that we brake up!!

  144. Heather says:

    I strongly DISAGREE with breaking up in a public place. It’s very difficult to have an honest discussion and provide either of you closure with people around.

    Instead, do it in t neutral place that will be somewhere neither have the home field advantage and you both can walk away. These are public places like parks and such, but you want the minimum amount of people around and a place to sit and really have a discussion.

  145. Guys don't break up ? says:

    Though this was an interesting read. And I learned a lot from it, I did notice that most of this was tailored towards girls breaking up with their boyfriends…

  146. ak says:

    i am really impressed about this tips it really relive me lot….i love my girl so much,but i want guyz to be so much honest to ourself cos i know some time i we do hot our girl too,like i do somefuny thing thing she dont like…and she get hot and cryed…them now she doing it back to me i know she still love me but she have guy outside which i know about and she not honest about that she dont want to tell me that treu, so many time i have told are that i wanna break up this relationship but she will not say anything about it…now she dont even care about our relationship anymore,i dont really no what to do,really i have stop so mant thing that i do wrong just to make are see that i am ready for her for real but yetis in vain pls what can i do..cos i am a graduate working..am she will just gain an admittion dis year to UNILAG…i dont want to wast my time waiting in vain for northing she dont allow me to tourch are phone anylonger long now we have being to gerther we alway c at nite she no longer c my farmily which she does b4…so i dnt know if are love is real or not,but i addly want to leave her cos i even folt with my farmily abut her that to show how much i love her.Pls advise

  147. truthhunter2012 says:

    in my male opinion, for a girl to dump a guy, you should be honest, say it like it is “im a boring biatch, with no hobbies or interests (like all women) and i completely detract from your personal progression in life, we can carry on having sex until you find another girl if you like” surely enough this painful truth will be realised and the guy will come to realise this, become wildly rich and successful without the iron shackle that is a women tied around his ankle holding him back. all in all doing everyone a favour. :)

  148. hi guys,i am in a dillema,met this guy and i think i have fallen for him.he loves me like nobody’s business but the problem is that i am married.I try to stop the relationship but with no avail.He knows Iam married but keeps on coming to me.We have protected sex but I want to get out of the relationship.Am confused.How politely can I do it without hurting his feelings?

  149. victoria nunoo says:

    i am leving with a guy 1year now i love him soo much but he loves someone elsi ijust save a number on my phone as new love.and he deleted it i got him one day i took his phone and i also find a name as love and princes shold i ask him or not?.i will not ask him becoz i want to broke up with him. what do i have to do??? u can called me on +233244634023 or 0244634023 victoria0244@yahoo.com

  150. taajudeen says:

    yes do you rember i want to marry you and u told me you i have alando so you will not now look at ur self i promiss not to let u sufar i am in egypt now. so that mean i have to came back home and get married you. victoria this is taajudeen is that ur nomber?i will call you

  151. Dewan says:

    sir ending a relationship is lot easier than to make it…………. and are done by real cowards…..

  152. one's says:

    I agree with you Dewan. Relationships are easier to end that to build one, but I disagree with what you said that relationships are ended by real cowards….It takes courage to tell your significant person that the relationship is not working…and I am not referring to the jerk that just want to finish a relationship because of the stupidest reasons. I refer to those who had worked trough a trouble relationship, sometimes for years before deciding to end it. I have respect for those. The ones who love, but also love themselves…

  153. Abdullahi Abubakar says:

    I have great respect for honest,bold, sincere and highly easteemed people, who could give up their love in order to gain freedom and happiness. Love is not religion, one can not stick to it even when it causes more sadness than happiness. I broke up with my girl because she doesnt want truth to told. Am happy being single now.

  154. Janny says:

    I had so many boyfriends until i fel in luv wit one of them.i believe he is cheatin on me bcos he has so many female frends.i cant stand d way he holds them to talk even wit his ex. Am tired of this relatnship nd i wnt 2 quit.

  155. Peter says:

    I had been in a relationship with a girl for 11 years. When I was travelling in China on my own she text me that she “she had met someone else and she didn’t want me to contact her again”. Yes breaking up electronically is disgraceful but more importantly make sure the person who you have loved or cared for is safe. I was lucky to get home!

  156. Bosco says:

    I separated from my wife of 20+ years (and mother of my chilren) only after realizing that my attempts to rekindle our care for each other were futile. She had emotionally removed herself from me years before that. I will give her credit for one thing – she was able to focus her resentment about everything that was wrong with our marriage and her life on one thing. Unfortunately, I was that one thing! A person can only take so much. Going to sleep every night next to a person whose fleshs crawls when you touch them is very painful. In all those years, I never once cheated on her, never called her a name, never complained about a meal, never had a problem with booze or did drugs. I worked a lot, but was home almost every night (usu. 1 trip out-of-town annually). Once I told her I was moving out, I think she was relieved, as if she had wanted this, but couldn’t “pull the trigger” herself. Although I am the one who filed for divorce, I’m the one who was sad when it finally ended.

    I am not claiming that I was some sort of saint, as I did work long hours; but I did the best I knew. Our communication had broken down, and we resented each other. I had lost respect for her, and you can’t love a person you don’t respect.

  157. bumsel says:

    I have great respect for honest,bold, sincere and highly esteemed people, who could give up their love in order to gain freedom and happiness. Love is not religion, one can not stick to it even when it causes more sadness than happiness. I broke up with my guy because she doesn’t want truth to told. Am happy being single now.

  158. Killa G says:

    Well now i recently dumped my gf of six months for another girl who i like but lately. I have been dreaming of my ex and i cannot stop missing her idk what to do. Idk if i still like her i need advise

  159. szuLuEtHerHa says:

    it’s not working. :|

  160. Loveth says:

    I’m in love with my bf bt i fear he doen’t luv me anymore and i don’t knw what 2 do pls help me or mail me at lovezike@yahoo.com

  161. klinebaugh says:

    The six suggestions are very helpful. Sometimes, regardless of how one ends a relationship, it’s best to do it and come away from the relationship with whatever self-esteem he/she has left. The injured party or parties can begin healing.

  162. Elisabeth says:

    i got a feeling i’m facing a breakup soon, initiated by me.
    It isnt that i dontlove him anymore, or whatever fading thing. in fact, our love grows stronger everytime we meet. But, im going to college coming fall in America. He got accepted into the same college too, but his parents do not allow him to go. My parents on the other hands allow and even encourage me to go so as to break us up. I dont know how to break up with someone i truely love. it’s not easy… help me out someone.

  163. I’m so much in love with him. He also loves me but lately he has changed. He doesn’t appreciate anything and sends emotional message to his friends(girls) should i quit or stay

  164. nellie evb says:

    pls quit and come to me..

  165. David says:

    I hv a problem,u al knw what we c in skool.i hv being going out wit a girl cal uloma 4 d past 1yer nw.bt get 2 knw she is going out with another guy,and when i ask she wil be shouting at me.dt hw ar my sure dt she got anothar man?at a time she came 2 my house and told me dt she wat 2 trav dt night.and i say ok.bt at d end of d day i saw her wit another man.and she told me jst a friend.and my friend told me dt she do see my girl wit d guy.pls what are my going to do.i need u girls and guys to tel me what 2 do.pls cal or text 08035557415

  166. Andrew says:

    @ post 18

    Why have you taken key letters out of almost every word…

    No one should tell you what to do, people will give advice and it is up to you to follow it.

    Go with your natural instinct.

    Once the heart and head get involved things get messy.

    Your gut is right 8/10 times.

  167. Breaking up wen d relatnshp is nt working is alw very hard n diastrous.esp wit d 1nx u lov dearly

  168. Chuks says:

    Plz am in love wit anoda persons lover.advice me

  169. Chuks says:

    I love my girl friend but am afraid of her leaving.she ones accused me of infidelity which i did’t do. I can’t do without her by my side, am even missing her as am typing this note.i don’t no wat to do.

  170. James(tevez) Esut. says:

    Am in luv wit dis girl cal oge,she only show concern anytim am around her bt wen i travel bak she start behavin strange.of which she promise me she wil b faithful 2 me bt to my supriz she cal me & said pls i shud forgive her,that she had lost her virginity to sm1.calmin that she luv.pls if you were in shoe what wil u do pls advice me.cal 0 tex 08032905031.

  171. Walid says:

    I want to breakup with a girl advice me

  172. Dear frind over dere pls adive me wht 2 do sinc 4yrs dt my girl break up wit me i fine it so dificut 2 woo a girl bcos d pain are 2 mus 4 me 2 bear bu i stil wan 2 go on wit my life. Pls am daing of lonlyness

  173. kayode says:

    I think u are right with all u have said

  174. Akwasi says:

    a co-work will not let me go and doing everything possible to have me but i am also in love with another work @ the same work place and worest of all they a frinds plz help b4 i quit the work

  175. muhammed says:

    hahahahaha dtz so funny , my opinion… broke up

  176. okunlola abosede says:

    i hard a guy, proposed to me, immediately i fall in luv,i so much luv this guy and follow him wit one mind, i notice that this guy just want to hit me & go, i notice that is a deceiful man, pls advice me what can i do. i really luv this guy

  177. okunlola abosede oulwabukola says:

    i fall in luv,i so much luv this guy and follow him wit one mind, i notice that this guy just want to hit me & go, i notice that is a deceiful man, pls advice me what can i do. i really luv this guy

  178. i have a guy, proposed to me, immediately i fall in luv,i so much luv this guy and follow him wit one mind, i notice that this guy just want to hit me & go, i notice that is a deceiful man, pls advice me what can i do. i really luv this guy

  179. confuzed says:

    help. my man and i did some gay stuff when we were drunk. now whenever we fight i call him gay. i don’t really think he is (maybe bi)now everything’s different he wants to break up with me he says its cause i think he’s gay :-( lol.. no for real :-( i really love him and i know he loves me too!

  180. eniola says:

    i love u but u dont luv me …

  181. Sa'a says:

    I ve broken up with my current fiance up to 10 times now yet we still come back tog. We luv each other but i things r not just workin out. How do i ensure i break up with him for real and forever. I want to move on.

  182. jorge says:

    i saw ma gurl kissin another man in de club.. GOD! i cud av killed som1 dat day.. i hate women. i av com 2 realize they r all daughters of EVE.am over it now… oooooo!!! she got me hatin on de klub!!! if uv got anything 2 share u cud holla 233246929878

  183. Oluwaseun says:

    I av bin a player all of my lyf&toying wit ones heart&filins av alwaz bin my joy bt un4tunately av fallin rili inluv somany tyms nw bt al nt alwaz fruitful,dey alwaz luv me somuch,i mean immensely much @ d start of our relatnship bt al a sudden dey begin2act strangely&i begin2ask if i wer wit a diff person,av broken alot of relatnship lyk dis. Now wen av finally tot av gotten d saviour of my luv,we met 26th last december&it rili ad bin so sweet&interestng wit us 2.We both gave in our whole bt 2my realisatn i was bak 2sch jus 3months later&on gettin bak er attitudes ad changd brutally,its rili giv me alot of pain in d head,i dnt knw wat2do,pls i nid help&im rili inluv wit dis grl.08134909070 or biggieman_01@yahoo.com

  184. Marie says:


    I met this guy in april 2010, I was in a restaurant with my girlfriend and he was with a friend I got up to go to the ladies’s room when i came out he was at the counter and approach me and saying that he is a writer and so on and wanted my email address. I gave him the email address; and the first month he was calling non stop and saying how he loves me and in love with me…..I got kind of confuse because he was saying too much and I told him he has to slow down……the second month we made love as I was very careful not to go in bed with him very soon.

    Now mr.Love wants to get together with me on his own time, does not want to go for a walk or see a movie not even go for a dinner.
    When I call him he never answer his phone, I know he has to work but he took the ringer off all the time…….he wants to see night time, by night I am kind of tire….forget about sat and sun he is always busy.

    He knows that July 3, will 3 months since we met…….he decided that he has to go to visit his family in London On…..
    Last night I just could take any of his bs….I called him and left a message saying our relationships is not going to work..and now I feel bad and hurt. I did call him and left a message saying I am sorry if I had said some harsh words…..because I am not like that
    Please help

  185. Marie says:


    I was in a restaurant with my girlfriend and I met this guy in April 2010, he was with a friend I got up to go to the ladies’ room when i came out he was at the counter and he approach me and saying if we can exchange email address, and I said sure, after three days I received an email from him.. and the first month he was calling non stop and saying how much he is in love with me…..I got kind of confuse because he was saying too much and I told him he has to slow down……the second month we made love as I was very careful not to go in bed with him very soon.
    We even went and celebrate our first month at that same restaurant.
    We did the same for the second month….now he is lacking off and neglecting our relationships

    Now mr.Love wants to get together with me on his own time, does not want to go for a walk, to go and see a movie not even go for a dinner, I did offer to cook even this he said no it is better to have our dinner seperate and then come to his place after.

    When I call him he never answer his phone, I know he has to work but he took the ringer off all the time…….he wants to see night time, by night I am kind of tired…He is always busy does not want to do any on Saturday or Sunday I am getting so depressed about this.

    He said to me that July 3 will be three month since we have been together we were suppose to go out and now …….he decides that he has to go to visit his family in London On…..

    I can’t even talk to him in person.
    Last night I just could take any of his BS….I called him and left a message saying our relationships is not going to work..and now I feel bad and hurt. I did call him and left a message saying I am sorry if I had said some harsh words…..because I am not like that

    Please help

  186. Tomisin says:

    I’m stil in love with my ex. Though he broke up with me,but i can’t get him off my mind. What should i do?

  187. shannon says:

    ya are all fkn numptys

  188. Donna says:

    After being married for 5 years, I am about to say its over because my husband complains about everything I do or say. He works out of town and the kids and I went to visit him. After being with him for several hours, he decided to go through my cellular phone and started calling people back to make sure they are females. My job requires me to have many different men numbers and I have discuss with em about being jealous. At the same time, he has too much insecure about himself.

  189. ANY KING says:

    I am in a gay relationship and have been with my partner for 14 years. Things have become unbearable at home. Basically, I have fallen out of love with him. I want to leave and make a fresh start but I am scared. I have also met someone else who loves me for me!! Please help guys/girls before I do something that I will regret. I have even thought of suicide – but thats the cowards way out….

  190. Lynah says:

    I was in a 3 year relationship then he changed… Never told me I was out – - – we kept in the relationship and going strong only for me to visit him one day and found a card inviting friends to support his wedding – to another gal!!! Now I am gutted and don’t know what to do. I keep crying and pleading with him to rethink his decision. I’ve lost 5kgs in a space of 1wk and crying every night. I need help

  191. lolly says:

    to Bosco: i respect ur decision becos, i’m in the same exact situation. in ur case u could stand up and say i didnt cheat, didnt booze, didnt case problems. my i the opposite of urs. am searching for the courage to do as u did. am a woman but i detest is site. Reply on dotluvlola@yahoo.com

    relationships are created by people and are also broken by people’s characters. am in a relationship of 10yrs but e wouldnt change his bad ways even after many persuasions. am quitting it for good and all i need is the perfect time for it to happen. we must not suffer in relationships, its a thing of joy and happiness. when that isnt there again. just let go. peace

  192. bobo says:

    This is all BS,

  193. bobo says:

    Is all about sex,I know most of you will say this is not true,But i think if you have a good sex with that person and also you are a good friends you have everything

  194. berma says:

    am a young guy and just got a new lover, but it seems she is seeing someone else… i called this lady i called my girl and was on waiting for 5 good hours and after she talking to this person of hers she did not call me back to explain, and when i did confront her she rather got board and hang up on me, and u know that wasn’t all, this same girl never called me for 3 weeks and when i call she does not pic up don’t know whether she is around or not,and 1 day i called and me being so lucky she picked up and i ask why wasn’t she calling and why don’t she answer my calls, all what she can say is nothing and she is blaming me for what i don’t know about. plz am kind of confuse now and want you people to help me. plz i need your help to know what to do next and this is my number 0240194966/0276353212

  195. Girly girl 93 says:

    I’ve been with my boyfriend now and year and 8 months and its out of control he never lets me wear what i want never lets me dress up or look nice, dont like me talking to boys or my EXs even though he talks to his he always asks Where im going who with what time will I be back… and now we always argue ever happy and he hasn’t spoken to me for 2 weeks now or seen him how do I break up with him now?

  196. Girly girl 93 says:

    and the bad thing is ive loved him for 6 years and cant get over him….

  197. mark says:

    dear friends,i also have a problem,any time i propose to a lady i want they the question they all tell me is that i have a bad boys face.and coz of that am still single so any body who wants to know more about me can call me on my line 0243743095/0279610988

  198. Hawkwind50 says:

    i am going to break up with my wife of 38 years. There isn’t and hasn’t been anyone else. After reading 200+ books on relationships, psychology, religion and much more, I have advanced in all ways. She is into a very demanding and serious religion for 25 years. I just can’t grow in such a confined reality.

  199. anonymous5 says:

    Next February will be 12yrs married. I like the tips I have thought of most of them but public place i am not sure about. i believe in the until the death do us part. I just started a LDR and she has awoken my heart to the possibilities. I was not sure if I should get divorced but now I am, regardless of what happens in my LDR. thanks for the tips will use most of them.

  200. NoRegretsJK says:

    I’ve been married for 4 years and I know when I married my husband, we weren’t ready emotionally, financially, spritually. Ive been living like this wanting to give it 100 percent before I call it a quit. We are growing apart and I’ve grown so much. I am certain that I will need to move on with my life as well as he needs to move in with his. he loves me very much but I dont feel the same anymore. He has no idea that this is what I feel and want to do but since that I’m away from him for 6 months, I will have to wait to tell him how I feel, face him with courage that I need to end this relationship. Wish me the best.

  201. chuks says:

    breakingup is not easy, but in the other way round love is not religion one can not stick to it even when it causes more sadness than happiness.

  202. Lynn says:

    Be honest. Do it when you feel the time is right. before you do anything stupid with anyone else. tell him exactly how you feel, but dont insault him if you can help it. for me I had to act as if I was talking to a child. I am so much happier now.

  203. [...] stages of a breakup Can a breakup be good for your health? 6 Ways to end a relationship Core Issues, Dating, Fantasizing, Friend Sharon, Gut Instinct, Having Sex, Health, Job Title, [...]

  204. cool tash says:

    how sure are u da shes cheating on u?put this at the bark of yo mind that women are not the same if yo former gal friends have been cheating it doesn’t mean she is. learn how to trust yo partners and save yo self the stress.

  205. Denise says:

    it really sucks when you know you were never really in love and just need to be honest instead of faking sex. Oh well guess I’ll be divorced 2 times

  206. reem says:

    guys i have a big problem can someone help me? i got married to this guy i really love but suddenly he became an outgoing person and keeps on hurting me with small and big things of his life.. ive became on a desicion of leaving him behind and i think i should go on with my life.. do you think am doing the right thing? i love him soo much but i cant take this anymore. help

  207. Earl says:

    If she ain’t worthy dump her by not ever getting personal with her again. That means, if she works at your local gas bar and you need to see her just do your business politely and walk away. When you do it day after day she get the message. You should too. You might even be glad. Wimin ain’t stupid. If you love her and cain’t mak it work just walk on by and wish her the best. T’ain’t nobody’s fault. “It’s only you and me and we both disagree.” Maybe later you can hire her to babysit. Don’t be cruel. Love ain’t fair. Life t’aint neither. Be nice and truely hope and pray she has a good life goin on and tend to yoer own needs and wants. Good luck and remember. Love ain’t always is what it is . Sometime it is what it ain’t and nobody can help. Be cool. God bless you and help you find a women who is worth the pain cuz brother, love is pain.

  208. HAKINY OLLYK says:

    pls i av a prblm wit my 2nd wfy actualy wen dis lady get pregnat iprmisd her dat if she wntd to gav birth it illnt b in 9ja bt is nt hapn in dat way den she luvs me after she gav birth in 9ja i told her dat i ill still send her out off d country wish i did nd its nt up 2months now she as change to me andi luv her dan any other thing pls wht can i do

  209. T-martinz says:

    itz nt dat easy breaking up wit sm1 u’ve been wit 4 so many years 4 a minute…..hw wl u feel if ur partner was d 1 dat did it first uh?

  210. fool says:

    I messed up sooo bad. Found a 1st g/f tho i was 40+, yep, long time alone. And this lady loves me more than anything – after one month she’d moved in, blocks my family out, i ain’t allowed to work, my diabetes health is killing me cos i’m force fed & ignored when helps needed….

    And i just can’t find the words to get her out. I’ve always been so helpful to others, and unable to be angry – i think she knows that avoiding any argument means she has a free house to live in, free everything – i pay it all (she’s unemployed, constantly unwell etc.).
    Damn Munchhousen syndrome type things going on there.

    my life feels so dead, 2 years of it wasted away

  211. James says:

    I think #3 for the guy dumping the girl should be done in private. If she is going to cry, I would not want to embarrass her in front of a bunch of strangers.

  212. May says:

    Well I just split up with my boyfriend of 6 years, for a myriad of reasons and i have to admit I did break two of the rules. 1) I wasn’t completely honest with him as the catalyst was my ex being back in the country for a short time (I was going to ditch him anyway, but that gave it impetus) and doing it over the phone. That being said, we pretty much only had a relationship over the phone anyway due to living seperate lives physically 9he is currently at the other end of the country). So call me a b***h, but sometimes you just have to work with what you’ve got to work with and be true to yourself more than anyone else.

  213. FaithLoveHope says:

    I ended my last relationship over the phone and I feel terrible about that. The events of that week drove me to making that decision, kind of on impulse (but I’d thought of it all month long). I still love hibutm the reality is I don’t think it would have worked out long term. I feel terrible for doing it over the phone and I know it hurt him and part of me wishes there had been a way to fix things. Relationships are not easy and it’s best to be truthful and have communication. If people truly communicated maybe they would not be this complicated.

  214. David says:

    Unfortunately my girl ended it via electronics.. up to this day i still can’t forget it.

  215. nachisale says:

    bravo lin!!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. Felicity says:

    Breaking up isnt a gud thing but i think sometimes you need it in order to move on with life. I hav experienced it and i tell it very painful.

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