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How to Read His Body Language

by Jessica Padykula


What does his body language say about him?

It’s not easy trying to figure out what men want. They say we’re the complicated ones, but they’re often the ones with the communication problems. At least we talk. Maybe we talk too much, but at least we verbalize what’s on our minds. And if men you know can be hard to read, what about the ones you meet at bars, parties and other social events? Does he like you? Will he call? Is he having a good time?

Body language expert, Janine Driver has the answers. You can tell a lot about a man through his body language and she explains the meaning behind all his shrugs, nods, taps and touches.

Signs he’s just not that into you:
You’ve been talking to him for a while, but you’re not sure if he likes you. Watch out for these signs that could mean you should move on:

  • He buries his hands in his pockets.
  • He turns his belly button away from you.
  • He crosses his leg that is closest to you on top of his other leg – this means he is creating a wall between you and him.
  • There is a decrease in eye contact.

Signs he is interested in you
If you’re at the bar or at a party and you’re not sure if the guy you’re talking to is just being nice or might be worth asking out, look for these signs to show you he’s interested:

  • He puts his hand on the back of your chair or his foot on the bottom of your barstool. If he touches something that belongs to you, it’s a subtle sign that he is marking his territory.
  • He turns his belly button towards you.
  • He crosses the leg closest to you on top of his other leg so the ankle is resting on the knee in a figure-four position.
  • He stretches his legs towards you if you are seated across from one another.
  • He unbuttons his coat. Yes, it could just be hot in the store/restaurant/bar, but if he’s into the conversation, he’ll unbutton. If he stays buttoned, he’s probably itching to go.

Signs he could be lying:
If you’re not sure whether to believe something he tells you, look for these signs to steer you in the right direction:

  • He shrugs his shoulders when you ask him something.
  • He shakes his head in one direction, but says the opposite, i.e. says no, but subtly nods his head. According to Driver, Bill Clinton (ever-so-slightly) nodded his head while maintaining he did not have sexual relations with you-know-who.
  • If he turns his belly button to face a door or exit, it could mean he wants to escape or get away from your questions.
  • Any change in normal behavior, such as going from very little eye contact to 100 per cent eye contact, or vice versa.

Signs to expect a second date:
You are pretty sure the date went well, but will he call you again? If you noticed any of these signs, chances are good.

  • He flashes his palms towards you while you’re with him. This could mean he feels comfortable with you since open-palm gesture shows vulnerability.
  • He flashes his eyebrows when you discuss a second date. Think wide eyes and raised eyebrows, which connotes someone who is excited about something.
  • He has been subtly touching you all night. He puts his hand on your shoulder as he walks by, he rests his hand on your back as you wait in line, he touches your arm when you tell a funny story, etc.

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Reader Comments:

9 Responses to “How to Read His Body Language”

  1. Vinoth says:


    I am a single..

  2. Queen cece says:

    Now i dont know what to do because sometimes my boyfriend do all these signs and am lost

  3. susanne says:

    it takes one to be critical enough

  4. linda felix says:

    the guy im referring to was my best friend, he started touching me often and said i was his favorite person in the whole world THEN he announced ‘he’d been on the internet and ‘he thinks he’s found someone. then i ignored him for awhile and i started seeing this other guy then he suddenly seemed to like me again.

  5. misty says:

    I dont understand my boyfriend says he’s madly crazy in love with me.. .I read this article and it says he’s a liar. I’m confused? I tried to break up with him because I knew he was texting other women but he poured hus heart out and begged me for days on end…..he texts me ALL day the sweetest things that he loves me and uses my middle name.. .what do I do? He shows all the bad signs in this article too.

  6. mandi says:

    Misty, sounds like your his security net or you two have major trust issues. either ways its not health. you guys need to talk and figure it out

  7. Lisa Emma jones says:

    A guy has been touching my leg under the table, I love it. I do it to him. But he has not done it today because we didn’t sit next to eachother. He has just broke is with his girlfriend. He is giving mixed signals, he hasnt even spoke to me today but he has bumped into me and my chair , what does all this meen ?? I hope he likes me to ,…what do you think :) Thankyou x

  8. esmeralda says:

    Hello so can somebody tell me wat means when we doesn’t talk to u but he keeps lookinq at you? Is he into you or not?

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