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How to Surprise Him on His Birthday

by Katarina Kovacevic

If you’ve been with your man for a couple of years now and are struggling for birthday gift ideas, you’ll want to listen up. We’ve come up with a few suggestions that go beyond the typical CD or power tool. He’ll he so pleasantly surprised that he may even give you something in return!


Tell him to go home
When’s the last time he hopped a flight and went home to visit his family and friends? If you really want to get to his heart buy him a plane ticket home. Better yet, get him a gift card or ticket voucher for an airline so he can make the trip work around his own schedule. Put it into a birthday card and tuck it into his underwear drawer for an extra little surprise.

Step outside of your comfort zone
Sometimes we have to do things we’re less than thrilled about for the people we love. Has he been bugging you to attend WrestleMania with him? Does he constantly drop hints about how “awesome” it would be to go rock climbing? To make his special day extra special, tear down one of your personal barriers and take on an activity he’s always wanted to try. It shows him that you really care about his interests.

An honest cliche
The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach — it’s no lie. If he’s working on his birthday, try whipping up his favorite lunchtime snack (for two) and bring a pseudo picnic to his office. It’ll be a nice break in his busy work day and some extra one-on-one time for the two of you.

Nurture his nerdy side
If he’s been obsessed with Star Wars since he would talk, buy him the collector’s edition box set. Or if he’s into bird watching, take him on an expert-led hike. No matter what his quirky hobby is, do something to show that you appreciate every side of him. It’ll remind him that you really do know him better than most people — assuming he doesn’t share his obsession with Harry Potter with the world.

Get naughty
Doing something sweet and sentimental is very romantic but there’s nothing like getting kinky to celebrate a special day. Turn your bedroom into a personal spa, complete with a hot bubble bath and scented oil. After a dip in the tub, take turns giving each other a long, intimate massage and see where the evening leads…

Take on his chores
Give your sweetie the day off by taking on his to-do list. Get his car washed, trim the bushes (or try to, at least), mow the lawn or make dinner. No matter what he’s got going on, do your best to chip in and let him focus on a day for himself. After all, women aren’t the only ones who need a little personal time.

Throw a party — and leave
Invite all of his best guy friends over for a night of cards, beer and sports (or whatever they’re into). Set the poker table, whip up a night’s worth of snacks, and have them arrive 30 minutes before your guy is scheduled to get home. Once you’ve done the whole “surprise” thing, kiss him good-bye and head out for a night with the girls. He’ll appreciate the night with the guys and the fact that you are willing to give him his space.

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Reader Comments:

47 Responses to “How to Surprise Him on His Birthday”

  1. LeO says:

    splendid ideas, thanks heaps

  2. june says:

    For my guys 24th bday I got a hotel room and decorated it in his favorite color…blue then I blew up 24 blue balloons and put a message or coupon in each one. To this day he still pulls out coupns.

  3. Daphne says:

    I get to know this guy and now we in a relationship but long distance. I wanted to give him a birthday present. What shall I get him??

  4. mary says:

    I’m in the relationship with this guy right now but were miles apart. I want to give him a birthday present.what shall i could give him?

  5. Amanda says:

    Others in long distance relationships have mailed their boyfriends / girlfriends a puzzle, piece by piece, that turns out to be a picture or a love note, or something like that. Or maybe you could mail a sweet treat, like cookies?

  6. Michelle says:

    My internet bf once sent me a t-shirt of his, and I loved to sleep in it because it smelled like him. <3

  7. sarah says:

    send a plan ticket to come visit you when he can

  8. Diana says:

    Throw a party and leave?? Cute idea, but I would think any boyfriend would the girlfriend to stay after that!

    • Alexa says:

      I no right?? lol who does that!? Heres a surprise party I worked so hard for, but f* it!! while your doing that I’m going clubbing with my friends! wtf lol

  9. Lauren says:

    my boyfriend loves me enough to actually WANT me around, thanks. throwing him a party in leaving is probably the worst idea i’ve ever heard.

  10. bridget says:

    throwing a party!!!! thats the way to go, thats so cool.. will definatly try that out… thnxa banch 4 that tip. you guys rock

  11. lizzy says:

    If you do give him a plane ticket home, make sure he doesn’t have hard feelings for the past and that he actually likes going home.

  12. APM says:

    my honey’s birthday is coming up he will be 29 this year we have been together for six years we have 3 beautiful little girls too so i need some ideas for what to do????

  13. RJ says:

    Ummm, throw a party and leave? I want my gf with me at all times. I would freak out if she just left. umm, bad idea.

    • Amadna says:

      Everyone is different. Say you’ve been married for 10 years, have three kids, and your husband hasn’t had a guys night out in a long time; In that case, it would be a great treat for him.

  14. amaka says:

    cool, suprise party? yea but leaving…no!!

  15. Stephy says:

    I think leaving is a great idea. Why not have a girls night and a guys night in. Being apart for eachother just lets the heart grow!

  16. lily says:

    wauuu , that will be really a big surprise he will never forget

  17. elisabetta says:

    he would rather spend time with me for the ‘efford’ of the party then to just leave. :D

  18. Cristina says:

    throw him a surprise b-tday party in his fav club :) did it last year…now i need another idea lol

  19. simileying says:

    oh his birthday is coming up like in 8 days.. no idea what to do :( help

  20. C says:

    I guess I know a few guys who’d really, really like to have a “guys night”, but not mine and not most of my male friends. Nor do most like poker! I guess if you feel your man needs space, do something like this according to his interests and plan realistically. Surprise parties right after work or a day of activity don’t always work. I’ve seen it kind of fail with my brother-in-law. He looked tired and miserable! :(

  21. s says:

    “surprise party and leave” is a great one as I love spending time with my girlies but who’d clean up afterwards?

  22. samantha says:

    hmmm its my boyfriend 17th his gonna get his ps but i dont no what to get him or do for him, he lyks to party but he told me he just wants it to be me and him only…………………………………… i want to do somethin romantic then something good after what shouold i do i dont no hmmmmm

  23. Heather says:

    Show up where he lives and get a hotel room. Send home a message letting him know when and where to got to meet you at said room but DO NOT tell him you will be there. Write a letter saying on this day go to this address at this time but don’t say why if he asks just tell him to trust you. Order room service and spend a couple days together.

  24. ANONYMOUS says:

    I’m planning on taking my husband on a quiet fishing trip. Gonna buy lots of bait and make a nice picnic lunch..and surprise him with a day of quiet fishing.

  25. candy says:

    what if my boyfriend is working 15,000 miles away from me.. what shall i do??? please help.. tnx

  26. Shweta says:

    2 years back when it was my boyfriend’s birthday and we were living LDR then I gave him a visit and carried 26 birthday gifts for him as he was gonna complete 26 years then. Most of the gifts were created by me and some were bought but they either signalised something special in our relationship or i just modified some. Made a card which had sand pasted on its cover and then wrote Happy birthday with some colored glues etc. He loved them all. And now this month again its his birthday, though I havent still thought of the gift, but this time I daily giving him flowers in the morning..like yesterday I gave him 1 flower ( 1st July ), 2 flowers today ( 2nd July) till his birthday and ya an ecard daily with special letter in every card for him :)


  27. Emily says:

    My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up. His sister wanted to take him to hooter for his birthday, and this might be immature but I just would be so uncomfortable if he went ): so now I want to think of something that would be BETTER than boobs and hotwings! haha. He LOVES baseball, really, that would be his perfect night out would be a beer and baseball. So I’m thinking I’m going to buy a sexy baseball outfit and make him hotwings ;) haha.. but I wanna do something outside the house too. Any ideas?

  28. Emily says:

    and there are no baseball games around here on his birthday :/

  29. Manasi says:

    My boyfriend’s b’day is on this month’s 29th.. and a plan of throwing a party is kkooolll… but i may not leave him wid his frnds.. evn i would njoy the party if he agrees..n i knw he vl sgree..anyways..thanx..

  30. Julia says:

    throwing a party.,wao datz gr8t……ba leaving him….oh plz no

  31. Laura says:

    Tt’s my bf’s birthday in one week, hes ganna be 20… We just stated dating about a month ago. I dont know what to do/give him. I have NOOO money at all:( Can anyone give me an idea thats either one: Cosy no money, or two: not to expencive?

  32. ashley says:

    we live away from all family and friends, and his friends mean the world to him. So for his last bday I took him to the city to go have fun and party, but surprised him with a double date with one of his best buddies. We went to dinner, gambled at the casino, went out for drinks, it was great! and he was so surprised.

  33. game online says:

    I really liked your blog! It helped me alot…

  34. sindhu says:

    hey friends my fiance bday is comin wed(17th nov)i wud lyk to suprise in sum way plss help me ot

  35. DawnMarie says:

    I was with this guy once, and for his 16th birthday I through him a surpirse birthday :) Its was so fun. lol, then I found out that he had feelings for another girl two week after. Great.

  36. tunde says:

    was up bro i wanna be a friend to the team okay brothers

  37. Shay Brown says:

    For my husbands 45th birthday, I surprised him with a gift bag full of goodies. I spent several days buying his gifts. I bought some “toys” (I made sure to add batteries to the ones that needed them), some adult movies, some scented massage oil, Adult games, and I even made up my own coupon book. I made him a sexy birthday card with his picture on it and described in detail how the evening would go. We both had to work that day and I go to work 2 hours before he does, so I put the gift bag, and card on our bathroom counter for him to find when he got up to shower for work. I wrote a sexy message on the bathroom mirror. Several times during the day I sent him suggestive text messages. We went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant. We then went home and watched a little TV. I told him to meet me in the bedroom in 30 minutes and I went to set the stage. I lit candles in the bedroom, places rose petals on the bed, I had changed into my sexy outfit and was ready for him when he surprised me by walking into the bedroom naked. I had stashed our dessert makings on the night stand. I had him lay down and made a banana split on his p***s and slowly licked and sucked it off, and then he did the same with my V****a. We had one terrific hot night of sex trying out all of our new “toys”.
    Our anniversary is in a month, and I plan on taking him to the city and booking the honeymoon suite for the weekend!

  38. Shay Brown says:

    This was one hot and steamy night that neither of us will soon forget!

  39. D. Alice Beausoleil says:

    On my husband’s 50th birthday, we were having tough financial times, but he came home from work to a beautiful midnight blue ’76 Corvette (the year we both turned 21) in the driveway. (No, I didn’t BUY it, I borrowed it from a friend!) Since we didn’t marry until we were in our 40s, it was cool to “be 21 again”, even if just for an evening out. Despite the bunch of money I’ve spent in other years for presents, he always says it was his best birthday ever.

  40. romantic says:


  41. Apple says:

    since I am quite poor most of the time … for my boyfriends last birthday we had only been going out for 2 months and I had no money so I made him a gift box with 22 letters inside … each letter containing something different like … rose petals that said he loves me he loves me not and i put his favorite cookie which was an oreo in one of them and made the filling into the shape of a heart … and just a bunch of creative ideas… this year we have been going out for a year and 2 and half months before his birthday sooo … I’m still strapped for cash … I bought a bottle where the bottom comes off and an ipod .. i put all his favorite music on it … and put it inside the bottle with sea shells and those tiny umbrellas they put in your drinks and wrote him a love letter and put it all inside the bottle … it’s cute :) hope I helped somebody …

  42. Fabiola says:

    My boyfriend likes nothing better than to stay on the computer all the time. He doesn’t drink or smoke, neither does he likes to go out. I really don’t know what would make him happy on his special day.

  43. khushi patel says:

    i m 20 years old nd m dng engg.i hv bf nd 7th oct
    is his bairthday date…dis id his first brthdy i wnt do sumthng special nd i wll also be in bajet…pls tell me wat cn i do?

  44. Ann says:

    if your guy stays on his computer why not take a few “special” pictures of yourself and put them in a folder on the desktop, im sure he’ll know what to do once he finds them :)

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