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10 Great Single Girl Blogs For Your Amusement

By Tristan Coopersmith

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In a sea of beautiful and brilliant dating bloggers, it can be hard to fish out the keepers. Hmmm… sounds coincidentally like dating. So I’ve done the dirty work for you, narrowing it down to the top 10 bloggers you should consider reading if you are presently single. Try them all on for size to see which one fits you best and if none of them do, just start your own.. the blogosphere can always use another single something blogger.

  1. So About What I Said: No single gal out there dances through life, let alone love like Ms. Melissa Blake of So About What I Said. This blog is actually a compilation of many of her own blogs – each one more unique and addictive than the next. Some of my faves include Man Candy Monday, How I’m Feeling (in 5 photos), Letters to My Future Husband and Tales From the Trenches. Click on this blog and prepare yourself to truly fall in love with it and with Melissa.
  1. KB in NYC: This stunning blogger writes with a whimsy and charm, near like poetry, such that as a reader you glide through her blogs effortlessly… until you get stuck on one of her brilliant points. What separates KB from a countless number of bloggers chronicling their dating lives is that she is drawing insights from her experiences and sharing them with her readers, even when it involves sharing her own stumbles.
  1. All the Single Ladies: Jessica Downey of this Chicago based blog truly is the every woman dater. She likes, loves and dates like nearly all 20-somethings her age do, except for the fact that she blogs about it (how lucky for us!) Her prose is thought-provoking, witty and definitely includes her Midwestern charm… or at least most of the time with the exception of R-rated posts like: Why aren’t there any oral sex classes for men?
  1. Ms Single Mama: This is THE blog for single mamas. Alaina muses on life, love and of course being the mom to her adorable son, Benjamin. If you are new to this blog, I recommend starting at the beginning, just like she did, as a new divorcee living with her own mama and read up until today about Alaina and her too-cute-for-words fiancé, John Bear… and beyond. Oh and she also makes gorgeous jewelry too.
  1. Sex, Lies & Dating: Using the pen name Simone Grant, Simone dishes honesty, smarts and sass like no other blogger out there – when you read her, you feel like you are drinking coffee, or rather on many occasions, taking shots, with her. At 40 years young, this feisty femme embraces dating with some serious chutzpah and no apologies, that simply must be admired by readers IRL friends alike.
  1. How Very Lucky: Don’t think dating is to laugh for? This Lucky Girl will certainly change your mind about that. With a motto that reads: “Today’s bad experience is tomorrow’s funny story,” this blogger is always finding the humor in every dating joy and debacle… trust me, you can hear her hearty chuckle through your screen.
  1. Single City Guy: Despite this blog supposedly being for single guys, therein lies a great deal of wisdom for women, sometimes because this anonymous blogger seems to be writing directly to us, but most of the time because behind the man’s struggle lies great opportunity for us to understand him better… in essence, this is the single girl’s secret playbook to the single guy.
  1. Another beautiful day in chaos: Lighthearted and edibly optimistic, this blog takes dating storytelling to another level…. She actually makes you want to tune in for another “episode.” As well, her descriptive text and enchanting dialogue delivers an authentic experience along with unintentional wisdom that any dating reader can certainly glean something from.
  1. Wink Wink Wink: Using the pseudonym Zoe Blue, this single girl is fearless when it comes to dating. Her adorable blog documents her tales as an online dater after being in a looooong term offline relationship and from the looks of it, she just might like this life better.
  1. The Urban Dater: This blog is the mother of all other blogs as it serves as a collective of the best blogs on dating, relationships and sex written by experts and ordinary daters alike. Here you will find the founders’ daily picks of all that exists on the web on these topics as well as his (yes, his, but know that all of his posts are girlfriend approved before going live) own 2-cents from time to time too. This is the go-to destination to discover your very own blogger to love and to cherish.

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  1. Jenni says:

    I am so flattered. Wow. To be included with so many amazing people, and… well… wow. Those are the nicest things anyone has ever said about me. Thank you.
    xo J

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