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Warning Signs that He Isn’t the One for You

by: Katarina Kovacevic


So you’ve gone out with the guy from your gym a couple of times now – movies, dinner, dancing – you’ve done it all. And, for the most part, the two of you get along just fine. The conversations flow like the wine at dinner and you’ve got plenty in common. But there’s still a small part of you that’s a little unsure whether this fun fling can turn into a serious relationship. We’ve compiled a list of characteristics to avoid if you’re looking for Mr. Right, not Mr. Right Now. There’s no PhD attached to my name, no “relationship expert” advice included – just real-life advice from a real-life woman. Take what you will!

Relationship with Mom
One of the best ways to gain insight into what a guy will be like in a relationship is to learn about his connection with the other woman – his mother. If he’s got nothing but censor-worthy things to say about the person who gave him life, you’ll want to stay away. Chances are he’s got trust issues with women that he’ll need to clear up on his own before he hopes to have a successful, monogamous relationship. (Don’t even try the “I can change him” thing – its not going to work, trust me.) A man who can’t buy a couch without Mommy’s input isn’t great, either. Men who have healthy, balanced connections with their mothers based on mutual respect tend to do better in mature, adult relationships.

Career Committment
If your current crush has switched jobs five times in the past nine months that may be another sign that a serious relationship isn’t on the horizon. Pulling in a six-figure salary shouldn’t be a requirement but a man who can hold down a job, whether it’s a retail representative at a hardware shop or partner in a law firm, shows that he is capable of commitment and willing to put in time and effort when needed. Nothing worthwhile is easy and relationships are the prime example that this particular cliché happens to be true. It takes equally committed partners to keep a relationship going and you’ll want someone who is willing to work through the tough times.

Confidence is Key
No one wants to deal with a man who thinks he’s hotter than Giselle Bundchen but a guy with a healthy dose of self-esteem is definitely a good thing. Any person whether man or woman who has a high level of confidence is more able to deal with the twists and turns of love. Insecurity tends to breed detrimental behaviors like jealousy and codependency that can be a major barrier in successful relationships. This of course doesn’t mean you should write off the shy ones. Outgoing personalities don’t necessarily equate to high self-esteem and sometimes it’s the quiet ones who surprise you the most.

Go with Your Gut
Of course all of these tips cater more toward the rational side of things but emotional connection is arguably one of the most important elements in a relationship. If the connection just isn’t there then there’s no use in forcing it. Nurturing a quality relationship should be equal parts logic and sentiment. Sometimes a girl just has to trust her gut.

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11 Responses to “Warning Signs that He Isn’t the One for You”

  1. Ikediashi says:

    Good day.
    I just want to this media to thank you.for care for your love one’s.

  2. LeO says:

    very helpful, thanks 4 coming up such article, more pls, hats OFF!

  3. Rajesh Chaturvedi says:

    I’m a guy from India, 50 years old, and happily maried for 25 years now. Have seen enough friends & relatives and their relationships.
    Every point you made is TRUE – Folks, take my word for it.

  4. emily says:

    thanks a lot i hope it will me a lot

  5. emily says:

    thanks a lot i hope it will help me a lot

  6. diane says:

    i have learnt alot as i search… thanx.

  7. Betty says:

    evrything is beneficial and advisory .
    thx & get mie moon diz & related topics .

  8. Alarape A . K says:

    i just want to thank this media for given me love poem that can make my life positively change to be in deeply love with my girl friend. Thanks

  9. gabriel says:

    u guys are 2 much 4 ur poems

  10. Shanessa says:

    yeah girls take note before u hook up with the wrong guy

  11. tunji says:

    hw can a man really know if a girl loves him?

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