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4 Movie Sex Scenes He Finds Crazy Hot

By Jennifer Latkiewicz

Hollywood’s steamiest sex scenes are the perfect inspiration for creating your own wet and wild escapades. But before you break out the pottery wheel and ice cube tray, here are the cinematic romps that guys say were made for shockingly hot big-screen-to-bedroom adaptions.

basic instinctPatrick Swayze may have had it goin’ on, but when it comes to sexy bedroom inspiration, clay pot craft time, no matter how romantic, just won’t cut it. A few red-blooded dudes offer their picks for the supercharged onscreen sex scenes that will get any guys’ motor running.

1. Basic Instinct

The film’s infamous (and oft-parodied) interrogation was certainly memorable, but for red-blooded guys everywhere, Sharon Stone’s intense woman-on-top romp that was unforgettable. Even twenty years later, their eyes still roll to the back of their head at the mere mention of this scene.

The Adaptation: Tie him to the bedpost using your hands to explore his body and climb on top. This is the favorite position for most guys as it allows them to lay back and enjoy the view, but you’ll be the one in control. Turn the tables on him and build anticipation with a little (safe and comfortable) sexual aggression. Take him to the edge without going over and you won’t even need an ice pick to get him begging for mercy.

2. Fatal Attraction

Oozing the kind of sex appeal that could not (and would not) be ignored, Glenn Close’s dangerously sexy turn as the bunny boiling Alex Forrest had men aching for more and fearing for their lives. In one scene, Close’s character splashes water on her lips and body while she and Michael Douglas’s character get hot and heavy on the kitchen sink. Wet t-shirts officially go from Spring Break cheesiness to through-the-roof hotness.

The Adaptation: Once he’s finished scrubbing off last night’s lasagna, surprise him from behind, whispering into his ear and kissing his back. You may be washing the dishes but a few well-placed splashes can quickly turn clean-up time into something very, very dirty.

3. Risky Business

Sure, a weekend without the parents, access to Dad’s Porsche and an epic tighty-whitey dancefest sound awesome but the real reason why guys curse Tom Cruise’s character for being such a lucky bastard are all his ridiculously sexy (and explicit) romps with a beautiful prostitute, played by Rebecca DeMornay.

The Adaptation: Luckily, working girl experience and having sex on public transportation aren’t necessary to recreate the intensity of Risky Business’ super hot scenes. Even by saying something as simple as “Are you ready for me?”, DeMornay’s character made it clear that she exuded sexual confidence, which of course, guys find irresistible. And if Rebecca DeMornay’s performance teaches us anything, it’s not to underestimate the effect that simply arching your back during sex can have on a guy.

4. Unfaithful

A very married woman, played by Diane Lane, begins a mind-bogglingly hot affair with a sexy Frenchman. Though her marriage lacks passion, Lane’s character soon finds herself going way outside her comfort zone, trysting in the hallway and a bathroom stall (while her unsuspecting friends wait outside), and telling Olivier Martinez’s character exactly what she wants (“I want you to f**k me.”)

The Adaptation: Like the ice pick, bunny boiling and prostituting, ignore the adultery and [spoiler alert] bludgeoning by snow globe [spoiler end] to instead draw inspiration from the sexual ‘evolution’ of Diane Lane’s character. Venture outside your own comfort zone (and bedroom) to find a new steamy spot like a countertop, staircase or against a wall. Be direct about your needs and try ‘manhandling’ him a bit  by scratching your nails down his back or lightly pulling his hair. Consider it a bit of necessary roughness. He’ll thank you in the morning.

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Jennifer Latkiewicz is a Love/Sex blogger for LovingYou.com. Watching sex scenes while in a crowded theatre makes her slightly uncomfortable. Follow her on Twitter at @jenniferlat.

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2 Responses to “4 Movie Sex Scenes He Finds Crazy Hot”

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  2. Peanut says:

    I can’t remember the name of the movie, but it was again with Rebecca DeMorney and Antonio Bandaras with a “believe it or not, a chain link fence” scene. Just thought of it, “Never Talk To Strangers”, if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor.

    And who can forget ever! Jeff Bridges in those caves in Mexico in the move “Against All Odds”, nothin’ tops that one! I gotta agree with “Unfaithful” and the rest mentioned.

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