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Sex Butter

by Yolanda Shoshana

Most people can agree that butter makes everything better, but what about using butter during sex? Now you can with, Sex Butter, the organic sexual enhancement lubricant product that looks like butter and smells like chocolate. Butter, chocolate, and sex, doesn’t that sound like sex heaven?

This sensual product has been in the works since 2008 and is getting glowing reviews. I caught up with the creatrix of Sex Butter, the very delightful Bonnie Stern. She tells us how she came up with the idea and why it is important to use organic and safe products.

YS: How did you come up with the idea for Sex Butter?
BS: About 6 years ago I went into perio-menopause and my sex life started to go downhill big time… My libido was almost nothing, I was extremely dry, and sex became so painful. This was just not OK because I was still a young vibrant woman (41) who was going out with men as young as late 20s… of course I couldn’t have my sex life dying… So, I went out on the search for something that I could use internally that would be good for my body and there was NOTHING. Everything out there had parabens, or chemicals, or irritants that are toxic to the skin/body. I started talking to other women about what they use and I realized this was a much larger issue than just me.. It was common. I had a friend who was an inventor and I asked him to help me find a formulator and he did.. That is my angel who worked with me on the creation of Sex Butter! Sex Butter was in testing and refining phases for 3 years. We began this journey in early 2008. This product has saved my entire sex life and regenerated my body from the inside out!

YS: Why use Sex Butter and not just lubricant?
BS: Sex Butter is a combination of a sexual enhancement product as well as an amazing lubricant.. It keeps the area moist while increasing sensation and the ease or having orgasms.. It is as amazing for the body as it feels, making it doubly delightful!

YS: Why is it important to use products that are 100% pure organic, safe, hormone-free, paraben-free, chemical-free?
BS: Anything you put on your skin is ingested in the body. Personally, I feel that it’s most important to put things on and in my body that are organic so that I am not allowing toxic things to enter my body knowingly. There are already toxins in the environment we can’t control. Hormones have been known to be Cancer causing and anyone who has had Cancer cannot take or use anything with Hormones. Parabens cause Cancer. They are highly toxic to the body and are used in many skincare products that people are completely unaware of. Chemicals are toxic and are irritants to the skin. If you look at the ingredients of sexual enhancer products and even lubricants, it would shock you knowing how toxic many of these ingredients are and they are ALL chemicals… one big one is something that is put in antifreeze in cars. YIKES..

YS: Does it really smell like dark chocolate?
BS: Yes, Sex Butter smells like a deep dark chocolate (not sweet) because of the cocoa oil used in the product.. Cocoa oil is one of the ingredients in chocolate.

For more information about Bonnie Stern and Sex Butter, click here

Yolanda Shoshana “Shoshi” is a multi-platform media personality: courtesan coach™, lifestyle guru, love maker, wedding officiant, and new thought speaker. Follow her on Twitter @Shoshi

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3 Responses to “Sex Butter”

  1. Lori Latimer says:

    Sex Butter is amazing! I’m very careful about what I put on/in my body, so the fact that this product has no toxins or chemicals was very appealing to me. The fact that it smells and feels divine is just a big bonus!

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