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Flames of Desire: 5 Sexiest Candles

romantic candlesBy Jennifer Latkiewicz

Sure, an arsenal of lacy lingerie and dirty text messages will get his motor running but if you really want to light his fire, try a little olfactory foreplay with these scented seductions.

It’s no question that scent is a powerful thing. It can influence our mood, trigger old memories, and according to some researchers, scent can stimulate sexual desire — even when he’s asleep!

Of course, scent can be just as much of a turn-off as turn-on. (Instant mood killer: a fragrance that reminds him of his ex, or worse, his mother.) According to a Cosmo poll, men also despise fragrances that are too sweet and sugary: cupcakes, sugar cookies, honeydew melon, etc. (with vanilla being the only exception,) so save the junk food for the kitchen.

Diffusers, incense, room spray, and oils are options but decidedly less sexy than the flickering flame and mood lighting of candlelight. Avoid potential catastrophe by opting for higher quality, soy-based candles, as cheap ones tend to smell weirdly artificial and smoke when they burn. He may scoff at the idea of scented candles, but once you entice his nose, his body is sure to follow.

Here are 5 that will tease, titillate, and keep him burning with desire:

1. Brothel by Modern Alchemy (7.4oz $50)

A sultry blend of orris root, musk, ancient civet, peru balsam and rarest plai, Brothel is meant to capture to “unbridled lust” of the world’s oldest profession. But make no mistake – this is no cheap floozy. Made using high-grade European wax and the rarest extracts and essences, this candle is pure luxury. 40+ hour burn time.

2. Jasmine Vanilla by Bath & Body Works (4oz. $9.50)

For no-fail seduction, try this sensual blend of jasmine and vanilla — the floral scent is said to open senses to new experiences, while the aroma of vanilla has been shown to arouse men the most. High quality and totally affordable, Bath & Body Works candles are a stellar buy… which is fabulous news for both your wallet and your sex life. 25-40 hour burn time.

3. Little Afterglow Sampler by Jimmyjane (Set of 6, 1.7oz $58)

If anyone knows what tools to use for seduction, it’s the folks at Jimmyjane. Not only do they create the most luxurious sex toys on the planet, but candles that drip with sexiness as well. A collection of enticing scents like Cucumber Water, Grapefruit, Pink Lotus, Dark Vanilla, Bourbon, and Truffle + Gardenia, the Little Afterglow Sampler is meant to explore the elements of attraction such as wit, charm and kink. But the fragrance isn’t the only aphrodisiac quality — each mini candle liquefies into a luxurious and Vitamin E-rich massage oil at body temperature.

4. Eros by Modern Alchemy (10oz. $65)

A blend of ambrette seed and cordova leather, this candle, inspired by the Greek god of desire, somehow captures the feeling of sexual tension writhing with passion.

5. Baltic Amber by Voluspa (12oz. $18)

Add a spark to your sexy evening with this potent blend of Amber resin, cedar, vanilla bloom, and sandalwood, a scent used in Tantric sex practices said to stimulate the chakra for more powerful orgasms. I know — why didn’t you get one of these sooner?

Jennifer Latkiewicz is a Love/Sex blogger for LovingYou.com and a freelance writer based in Los Angeles. Follow her on Twitter at @jenniferlat.

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2 Responses to “Flames of Desire: 5 Sexiest Candles”

  1. Rina Valan says:

    These look very sensuous—but you left out one specifically with the man in mind:
    HeWolf Pheromone Massage Candles–

    Invite you to try it out–the scent is intoxicating and the hot melted soy wax turns into a massage oil…enhanced with pheromones.

  2. [...] Create the mood. Aromatherapy, music, soft lighting, candles and sexy lingerie really do alter your brain chemistry by triggering your senses. (Check out Flames of Desire: The 5 Sexiest Candles For Setting the Mood) [...]

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