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10 Most Romantic Hairstyles

By Jessica Padykula

Flawless makeup and a great outfit just don’t seem complete without a hairstyle that can really pull your look together. And if romance is what you’re trying to achieve, the hairstyle you choose can often be your most important accessory. We compiled a list of 10 of the most romantic hairstyles for a variety of occasions, be it a formal affairs or casual weekend dates.

1. Loose chignon

A loose chignon is a romantic hairstyle for almost any occasion. Because it’s loose, rather than tight, it provides a softer look which is always sexy. Leaving a few loose strands of hair to frame your face is also a nice touch. Wear this hairstyle for a casual brunch date or lingering evening on a patio.

2. Long, loose waves

There’s something about long hair that’s always romantic, but long hair in lovely loose waves is even more so. It’s a particularly feminine hairstyle that brings to mind effortless glamour and allure. While you can dress down this hairstyle, its best accompanied with a more formal look.

3. Glamorous updo

The updo has long been a staple of romance. How many proms and weddings feature elaborately designed hairstyles piled and pinned to perfection? The updo is both glamorous and romantic and can be both formal and more casual depending on the occasion and the outfit you choose.

4. Long and side swept

There is something timelessly sexy about long hair with a deep side part. There’s a certain mystery this hairstyle adds to your face while flattering almost any outfit. Start with long, loose waves, part hair deep down the side and pull hair over one shoulder. The result is pure romance.

5. Half up and half down

This is a classic romantic hairstyle and one that doesn’t require too much effort to achieve. Pull half of your hair up towards the crown of your head and fasten with pins or clips. Leave some strands loose around your face for a sexy softness.

6. Wavy retro glam

Think 1940′s glamour when visualizing this look. Deep side parts meet ultra-wavy hair glossed to a high shine. This look is romance at its most glamorous and works best with formal attire and lots of attitude.

7. Long layers

Long layers do a great job of framing your face, which adds softness and romance to any look. This is also a hairstyle that can easily take you from day to night and works with any outfit.

8. Low, elegant ponytail

If you want to keep your hair out of your face and but also feel elegant, the low ponytail can be a good option. This hairstyle works particularly well if your hair is parted on the side. Combine this hairstyle with smoky, sultry eye makeup for a low-maintenance, romantic look.

9. Grecian braid

Taking some of the hair on either side of your head and braid it around the back of your head for a youthful, romantic look. Fasten the braids together and leave the rest of your locks long and wavy. If you’re really feeling romantic, place some fresh flowers (like baby’s breath) in and amongst the braids. This look works best with a sexy off-the-shoulder dress.

10. Soft ringlets

Nothing says romance quite like soft, sexy ringlets. If you can manage to create them, either with a curling iron, hot rollers or by coaxing your natural waves into ringlets, you will surely be the belle of the ball. Ruby red lips and pale, matte skin will complete this romantic look.

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27 Responses to “10 Most Romantic Hairstyles”

  1. Temiloluwa. says:

    Nice ones,but where are the pictures?

  2. Random says:

    Pictures plzzzzzzzz…:):):)

  3. dharitri says:

    pictures! Pictures! Put some pictures please!

  4. Lili says:

    I’m also looking for the pictures. It’s hard to visualize these sentences without an exact picture of how romantic these hair-dos are.

  5. Abimbola says:

    I think pictures will help better.

  6. Jezz says:

    Jessica Padykula, where are pictures? ???????

  7. Tari girl says:

    I also think pictures wil help

  8. Starlet says:

    I think so 2…..pictures wil help

  9. jhenny says:

    i can’t see any pictures

  10. opatona bisola says:

    cant get the pictures i nid dem

  11. luchis says:

    pictures are very important here!

  12. Happiness says:

    please add some pictures it will go along way to help us

  13. Jess says:

    Anything for girls with shorter hair?

  14. Tiara says:

    Pictures would REALLY help…some ppl dont know what some of these styles look like.

  15. Julie says:

    oh i have no problem with my hairstyle, its loose its long and its wavy and kinda side swept, i wouldnt want it any other way i love running my fingers trhough them =)

  16. Lisa says:

    Please show pictures of what they look like!! How are we supposed to copy the styles if we don’t KNOW the styles??

  17. priyanka says:

    nice. bt wer r the pics?

  18. Phyllis says:

    Just google the pictures yourself. It almost one hairstyle.

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