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Plan 3 Romantic Staycations at Home

by Melissa Chapman

Every relationship, whether you’ve just started dating or are deep in the marital trenches could use a little pick me up. While we all yearn for that stable, monogamous relationship once attained often as the comfort level you and your partner achieve increases, the romance factor between the two of you seems to decrease.

So, in an effort to help you and your love keep your relationship fresh and sexy, here are three ways to create an ambiance of romance that won’t require hopping on a plan, train or automobile. This is bliss you can make happen on a lazy Sunday afternoon or after dinner on a weekday night.

Staycation #1: Garden of Eden

Plan a romantic dinner in your very own Garden of Eden (fig leaves optional): According to Julie, Mulligan, lifestyle expert for 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, if you’re planning to create this Garden of Eden in your home and you have kids, make sure you make arrangements for them to stay at Grandma’s house for the night.

Step 1. Gather all of your house plants into the area you have selected as your Garden of Eden. To give the best effect, use various size plants to form the perimeter of the space. If you don’t already have plants in your house this is the perfect excuse to buy a few. Growing and caring for indoor plants often times gives many a sense of pleasure, tranquility and peace. Not only do plants calm our souls, they also bring us good health by improving the quality of the air we breathe.

Step 2. Next, layer on the blankets and pillows where the wining, dining and games will take place! Use as many pillows as you can in varying sizes and pleasing fabrics. If you and your loved one enjoy games, consider adding some to the night’s activities. A little variation to standard games can give them a whole new life. Some examples are Strip Poker or Sexy Scrabble. Another fun activity for the evening: blindfold your loved one and feed them various foods and see if they can guess what they are!

Step 3. A picnic basket filled with delicious fingers foods that are perfect for feeding to each other comes next. Since you are setting this up in advance and don’t have to worry about carrying it to an outdoor venue, any kind of basket or decorative box will work fine. Remember to include a tray, plates, and any utensils you might need. Choose foods that turn them on. For example, you might not think that chicken wings are romantic, but if he loves them then they can be. Just make sure you have a container to stash the bones in!

Step 4. Set up your wine or champagne close to your food basket. Include the appropriate glasses, wine cooler, and ice bucket.

Step 5. Music will help set the mood. Making your own romantic play list ahead of time is ideal, so that once you hit play and you are set for the night.

Step 6. Lastly, make sure you add a few special d├ęcor elements. This should include as many candles as possible and of course, no romantic setting would be complete without flowers. Of course, setting up the Garden of Eden in front of the fireplace works nicely, but if you have space in your bedroom that works too. Remember, this is all about you and the person you love so personalize as you go.

Staycation #2: Indulge in a Sultry RendezvousTM

sultry rendevous 5 senses boxThis high end, romantic-themed staycation in a box comes with an invitation that seductively and mysteriously invites your mate to the date. It includes detailed instructions and carefully selected items you need to create your mind blowing sultry rendezvous. Try one of these three themes:

The Connections Box will help you push your inhibitions to the side as you connect with, discover and challenge your lover with this exciting board game. This game opens the way to discuss your desires and fantasies with your partner and maybe even get them fulfilled. Nobody is a loser in this game. This box includes the board game, soft blindfold, high end massage oil, rash free shave cream, safe sex kit, an invitation and instructions to plan your date. $97

The 5 Senses Box is stuffed with the items needed to take the 5 senses to new heights including, silky sheet spray, blindfold, massage candle, massage instruction cards, happy heart massager, a real ostrich feather duster, honey dust, candles, candle holders, safe sex kit, an invitation and instructions to plan your date. $107

The Recess Box is all about having fun, laughing and getting dirty. It takes the sand box and the slip-n-slide to a whole new level. You can create body-to-body massage (a technique was used by the Geishas), an electrifying sensation that will make you feel weightless. After all that slipping and sliding and getting “dirty,” your rendezvous will take you to the shower to get clean with Oriental edible body wash and with the appropriate accouterments to keep your balance and give you leverage to, shall we say, take care of business. This box includes Oriental Body Slide Erotic Massage Gel (it’s safe, flavored and edible), a gold waterproof sheet to keep you slipping and sliding, vinyl king size sheet (so you can play without worrying about making a mess), edible body wash, a double suction handle that easily attaches to the shower wall and a suction foot rest that also easily attaches to the shower wall, a safe sex kit, invitation and instructions to plan your date. $117

The magic of this staycation lies in the invitation; you’re not exactly sure what will happen but you know you want to be there. It brings couples back to the basics but also gets you to push the envelope a bit to keep your relationship spicy and fresh.

Staycation #3: Turn your bathroom into a spa retreat

According to Debbie Mandel, M.A., author of Addicted to Stress, it’s not what you do, but how you do it.

Mandel suggests putting a few fresh white flowers in a vase since they connote purity and innocence and can set the tone for an exciting, new encounter. Scatter some lavender, citrus or vanilla aromatherapy candles about the bathroom to help with the distressing. You can add a cup of hot chamomile tea into the tub too; pour it in before you step into the tub to mellow the water.

After you enjoy your water fun make sure you have some warm towels ready (fresh from the dryer) and some spa water you’ve prepared in advance; cut up a few strawberries or peach slices and suspend for a delicate flavor in a cold pitcher of water. Then simply luxuriate in the moment and one another.

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